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Did you gave her the gun? if yes please explain and if not,why did you refuse?
I gave her the gun (was a bit bitchy to calrey there "DO IT !" :P) coz I didint want her to turn,same reason I shot lee :)


  • I gave her the gun. Not that I was afraid of her turning. I just felt sorry for her having to experience it.

  • I didn't give her the gun cause I wasn't sure I'd get the option to get it back, plus it would be loud and might make getting back difficult.

  • No I didn't mainly as I thought she'd go nuts and try to shoot us, not that I didn't feel bad for her

  • I think I gave her the guy because it was her wish.

  • I gave the gun to her. She wanted to die a human and not live as a walker for longer than necessary.

    I didn't think she would turn on them once she had the gun, it wouldn't make any sense that she would. They didn't have a cure for her infection, or anything of value that she needed.

  • I didnt give her the gun, I thought she will shoot us.

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