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What was your Most Scariest Moment in Walking Dead

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What was your most creepiest/scariest moment in the walking dead. There were a couple for me. I put touchier a series of the walking dead best moments 1-5. However, I'll just share my favorite, most compelling moment in the series.

I actually paused and recorded moments during my second play through. That I thought was simply amazing. I'm intently focused on Moral Choice Gaming. Hence name in my youtube channel "interactive gaming"

After I played the walking dead. I am hooked.

What was your most creepy/favorite/compelling moment in the series.

  • When Lee was bitten or The RV nightmare. Or any of the deaths of the main group.

  • every time that Clementine exposures to dangerous circumstances.

  • To me, I think the scariest part of the game is that part at the end of A New Day where Lee is looking at the photograph of his family, and is then interuppted by that gun shot and the screaming in the distance. The girl didn't scare me that much, but it was the sound of the man screaming that gives me the shivers. I got the shivers just talking about it. It may not seem scary to other people, but to me, a man screaming bloody murder like that in the distance in the middle of the night just freaks me out.

  • Hearing the Stranger's voice at the end of Long Road Ahead. I thought the guy was a pedophile and he was grooming Clem. I was scared shitless.

  • For me, one of the scariest moments is when Lee is almost dead and the walker starts attacking Clementine. I didn't put it past the game to end on a note of complete futility and kill her off. I'm glad they didn't.

  • The RV nightmare gave me the biggest jump. I'd just thought I could take a breath after the attack, Carleys murder and finding out about duck and BAM! Skidsville!

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