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What was your Most Scariest Moment in Walking Dead

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What was your most creepiest/scariest moment in the walking dead. There were a couple for me. I put touchier a series of the walking dead best moments 1-5. However, I'll just share my favorite, most compelling moment in the series.

I actually paused and recorded moments during my second play through. That I thought was simply amazing. I'm intently focused on Moral Choice Gaming. Hence name in my youtube channel "interactive gaming"

After I played the walking dead. I am hooked.

What was your most creepy/favorite/compelling moment in the series.

  • In episode 4 when Ben takes off and Clementine gets cornered by walkers. Adrenaline was flowing and it was so hard to aim because of it, I kept missing and that didn't make it better. I was so worried about Clementine, and that's why it was my scariest moment

    1. The dinner scene in episode 2 really put me on edge, i was terrified that one of the St. Johns would appear behind me at any moment.
    2. Well as most people here, the RV Nightmare freaked the shit out of me.
    3. More of a jumpscare, you guys know that EP3 walker in the car, with the animal crackers? Yeah. The suddeness of his appearance made me jump hard.
    4. The Ep4 scene where you put the dog in the grave, and then you see a guy watching you behind the fence. Very creepy.
    5. The episode 5 scene where you and Clementine walked through the giant herd of walkers. Very nerve wrecking, and when i bumped into that walker i froze for a second.
  • When I was burying the dog and the guy looked at me.
    The zombie hand when I reached down to pick up Clem's hat.

  • Clem dream and being bitten scared me so much couldnt believe it happened like punch straight face and feeling theres nothing i can do and clem missing so scared thinking of what to do and shock which turned to anger so many emotion crazy but clem finale was a knockout blow

  • Seeing Danny pointing his gun right at you through the barn door almost gave me a heart attack.

  • When Lee woke up to find Clem gone. It wasn't JUST that Clem was gone, it was how the entire scene played out. Everything was dead silent except for Lee calling out to Clementine. The group wasn't there, walkers were nowhere in sight, and the entire scene seemed just... wrong, somehow. Like Lee was completely alone. I wasn't even sure if he was actually awake at that point, because it seemed like some kind of nightmare at first. Especially when Clem's hat showed up in the backyard. The complete silence and, well, emptiness at that point was a bit unsettling for me. For those same reasons, the bit in the Marsh House in Episode 5, before the Stranger finds you, also creeped me out a little bit.

  • worst jump scare ever i almost pissed my pants cause how scary it was. it was when in episode 3 the car with the animal crackers in it and you go next to it and the walker makes a noise outta nowhere ;(

  • The dude that was creepin on Lee when he was diggin the grave.... I threw my controller

  • When Lee gets bit after grabbing the walkie talkie. DIdn't see that coming. I literally jumped when it happened.

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