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What was your Most Scariest Moment in Walking Dead

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What was your most creepiest/scariest moment in the walking dead. There were a couple for me. I put touchier a series of the walking dead best moments 1-5. However, I'll just share my favorite, most compelling moment in the series.

I actually paused and recorded moments during my second play through. That I thought was simply amazing. I'm intently focused on Moral Choice Gaming. Hence name in my youtube channel "interactive gaming"

After I played the walking dead. I am hooked.

What was your most creepy/favorite/compelling moment in the series.

  • Don't know why this terrified me the most out of everything that's happened, but I'd have to say the scene where Nate starts acting insane. I guess it's because insanity is one of the less touched upon subjects in the game. Don't know if its me just being a girl and all, but I'd hate to get stuck with him during an apocalypse. He's still one of my favourite characters though.

  • Scariest moment in Walking Dead?

    Walking Dead forum counts then.

    The scariest moment would have to be that time someone necromanced this thread

  • Not as much scary as it was shocking, but when Lilly shot Carley though the cheek.

  • The part when Lee hears that guy on clem's walkie talkie..... That was scary for me XD

  • Realizing that Kenny and I had to man up and take down the cannibal family all by ourselves.

  • Nothing in the game scared me that much. I remember being scared for Clementine throughout S2 though. I feared she would die by No Going Back (she doesn't appear on the episode slide). When the shootout happened in Amid The Ruins I knew she would make it out of that. When they released that vine clip of her walking through the snow while that creepy song played, my heart sank a little. I was so anxious and scared over who survived and who didn't. At one point I even thought that everyone died and Clementine ended up alone with the baby. No Going Back (before release) scared that crap outta me. After its release, there wasn't really anything to be afraid of lol XD

  • Oh, that first part where you see Carver. He walks in the house, and describes in detail the group you are staying with. All while he is searching the house, with Sarah hiding behind every corner. THAT was tense.

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