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would you play Star Wars if it looked like TWD?

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Would it be cool if telltale did Star Wars episodes IV,V, and VI with the same graphics as the walking dead? I would play it, maybe even The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings.

  • Yeah I think that a game like that would be a lot of fun! I like the comic bookish style. Hobbit would be pretty cool but I would also think Star Trek (classic), Universal Monsters and The Goonies would also be bad ass in that style :)

  • The problem with remaking an existing story in game form is that all of the surprise would be taken out of it and the choices would feel meaningless, that's why Telltale always does original stories even within licensed universes.

    Still it'd be pretty cool to see a Star Wars story in the current Telltale style.

    I also, honestly, think it'd be neat to see another Back to the Future game, done up in their modern style. They hadn't quite gotten this gameplay style down when they made BTTF, so a sequel would have the opportunity to feel more engaging and less watered down.

    There was a thread about "games telltale should make," but it might be good to start a new thread for the new forum, particularly with the "What games should telltale make in their current style" focus, rather than focusing on older-school adventure games.

  • I always wanted a true point and click in the SW universe. Instead we got Yoda Stories...

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I waited for star wars by bioware for two years when they announced it. I thought it'd be a mind blowing interactive choice, like how dragon age, witcher 2 and tell tale games are. It has ever reason to be that yet it fell short of exceptions. The grinding part of mmo, felt more like actual work then fun.

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