BttF: Problems getting all icons to play episodes and saved games

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Seems I have new problems: When I activate the game ep menu from the ep 1 link in Start/All Programs/Games, it says for all eps "Get It!", unless I activate "Run as administrator" when starting it (as someone here showed me before), then it all seems to come up fine, and remembers my ep 1 saved game (still playing ep 1), and pressing "Quit" always goes back to the 5-ep menu. On the menu from eps 2-4 links, all the eps say "Play!", but the ep 1 menu doesn't have the country flags at the bottom, same for ep 1, even with "Run as administrator" (but that's ok, as I read English, just saying), and I can't bring up my saved ep 1 game. And sometimes, when I automatically Quit (eps 2-5 activation links), I'll either go back to the ep menu, or the whole program just ends on its own (usually the latter). On the menu from ep 5, all ep menu links say "Buy Now!" Same with the icon in the Start menu, and the desktop icon (both of which show the ep 5 icon image). It wasn't totally like this the last time I tried these game-menu-activation-links awhile back. Also, for some of these I had to reenter my login info again (eps 2-5 and icons).

How can I fix this?

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