• But Kenny initially liked by everyone. Unlike Lilly. Even if Lilly would didn't kill Carley/Doug, on the side of Kenny would be a lot more people. Even if Kenny would kill Carley or Doug, people would still be on his side.

    I say this as one of the few people who are always on the side of Lilly.

  • I think there was a thread awhile back similar to this, so I'll just restate my opinion. I think it was an intentional choice on the part of the Devs to make them so similar. Like you said, both look out for their families above all else, and both think that THEY could be the better leader. They both lose everyone that's close to them, too. Funnily enough, before the RTW crud, when game Lilly and comic Lilly were still the same person, Lilly (arguably) gets her redemption by shooting the Governor. Kenny (arguably) gets his when he Mercy kills Ben/Saves Christa. "Not So Different" indeed, all things considered...

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