Free DVD?

Do the seasons that had a DVD still come with the DVD when you order? I wanted to pick up another copy of each the Sam and Max games and Bone games if possible but the option doesn't seem to be there anymore. Also\, will Bone and Telltale Texas Holdem be coming back to the store?


  • That is what I was just thinking. I was trying to find the DVD of season three of S & M but no go. What is up with that?

  • Macfly77Macfly77 Moderator
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    I posted the following in a different thread.

    "Telltale is not currently offering/selling any physical goods at this time.
    Though "physical merch will be making a comeback after we get the kinks worked out of the new site" (see here), I'm not sure that game discs will be (see two comments later in the same discussion thread)."

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