TWD Aftermath predictions on the people who wandered off, got abandoned, lost or left the group.

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So I was thinking about what happend to the wanderers of Season 1? Lilly either gets ditched on the side of the road or takes the RV, Molly decides to leave the group, Omid and Christa decide to leave aswell and Eddie(from 400 days) either ditches or gets ditched. So where did these survivors end up? Here are my predictions.

Okay as most of you know, some of the plots and characters in the game kinda portray the plot and characters in the TV series and Comicbook(somewhat) and I feel like molly is a "Michonne type of character" because of her stealthiness and survival tactics. As we all know by now, Molly leaves the group to go solo. Molly and Michonne's survival skills are really good, they can take care of themselves. Michonne was going solo throughout most of the apocalypse before finding Andrea lost in the woods in need of aid. So, I think Molly eventually finds Lilly in the woods and comes to her aid. Then after a long period of surviving, they end up in a little community called... wait for it... Woodbury. Maybe Lilly and Molly end up in a community, a specific one of which I don't for sure know the name of. At the end of 400 days you play as a community's scout and attempt to recruit the band of survivors(The main characters from 400 days) to that community. We don't know the name of that community, maybe it's woodbury or maybe it's not. But whatever it's, I'm pressure Lilly and Molly will end up there. As for Eddie, I feel like he will end up in that community or just a separate group. Although I could see a Molly and Eddie instead of a Molly and Lilly because Eddie too gets lost in the woods or takes off with a vehicle. I'm not sure, it can honestly fo both ways.

Omid and Christa, both promised Lee to find/take care of Clem if anything happends to him which unfortunatley did. Many believe that the two people Clementine spotted at the distance in the final cutscene are Omid and Christa. We don't know for sure and don't get me wrong I believe it is Omid and Christa but wouldn't it seem a little too obvious? It could be Omid and Christa, Molly and Lilly or hell even Eddie. We just don't have enough information to conclude anything.

Finally I want to talk about Nate from 400 days. Trust me we're gonna see a whole lot more of him in the upcoming season. I feel like he has the same likeness of Merle in a way. Crazy, and they're both rebels no doubt about that, and Merle stumbles upon the community called Woodbury. So, I think that Nate will end up in that 400 days community I was talking about earlier. Or, instead of Molly finding Lilly, Nate finds Lilly and forms a group. Just the thought of that scares me...

Anyways those are my predictions, please share your feedback because I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about all this.


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    You should turn to the TWD Season Two Speculation/Suggestion Thread.

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  • Nate+Lilly= Mindblown

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