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AMC Announces New TWD Spinoff Series

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Wow. Anyone can see AMC is in hot water right now. Breaking Bad is ending, Mad Men is going next year, and there are hardly any shows that people watch on the network except for BB,MM and TWD. This whole idea of a WD spinoff series just screams blatant cash grab. We know BB is going to have a spinoff, so Kirkman and the producers decide to do the same thing.

Disregarding the idea that I don't even watch the show anymore, I don't like the idea of a spinoff series.

What do all of you think?

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    That's, erm, interesting. Cash grab? Yep. That and they get to go 'blank slate' which must be pretty appealing to AMC/Kirkman.

    I have a feeling they may draw inspiration from TWDG for their survival group, only the result is going to be heavily sanitized and emotionally shallow, much like the show in general. The show has nothing on the game, but I'm a zombie nut, so I still watch it. I'm hoping for some 'improvements' in S4 thanks to the new showrunner, Gimple. The guy knows how to tell a story.

    Regardless, I'm actually quite surprised by this, and not in a good way.

  • I think its brilliant, for one because kirkman is not bound by the comic and lets be honest he can tell a story.We would get to follow a whole new group of survivors, different views and tactics that's interesting to me. I love the comics,show and telltales game/games.So for me this is just more walking dead goodness :)

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    And I just got emotionally drawn to Rick and the original group. I don't think a new group is such a good idea unless Season Four kill everyone. I'd doubt it though.

  • Of course its a question of money. However, I hope and think they might actually get somewhere if they aren't tied down by what happens in the comic - same universe, different stories. This could be great (note that word), especially if they take their time to develop characters that we actually care about and having a storyline that isn't a jumble of different stuff. TWD went downhill incredibly fast after the first season, and I think the ties they had with the comic was a contributing factor.

    Also, I think what is necessary is to - for once - start the show at the beginning of the outbreak. Too many films and shows start in medias res, and its damn annoying. Sure it is a clever idea to use a protagonist that just wakes up after a coma and have Mr Exposition tell him what has happened, but that is quite frankly getting tiresome.

    The way TWDTG handled it was great - Lee's story began on day one of the outbreak, and even that was done in small steps by pitching radio messages about something going on - and TTG took this experience up to eleven by also letting the player learn a little about how the camera worked and how to respond in a conversation - in other words, a seamless tutorial. Frankly, that was so brilliant I was in awe after I played up to Clem's house. I had to start over just to feel the rush.

    The show is another story though. I think that if the writers loan a few tricks the writers of TWDTG I think the spin-off could be really, really good.

    • TWD went downhill incredibly fast after the first season, and I think the ties they had with the comic was a contributing factor.>

      That, and the network unceremoniously dumping Frank Darabont didn't help matters either.

  • It would be quite neat if the spin off revolved around the telltale cast with Lee and Clem.

  • Perhaps if they explore the affects of the Zombie Apocalypse on somewhere besides the American South. The North West? Canada? The North East? New Zealand?

    A smaller island nation like Japan or The UK would be a special kind of hell since the idea of "going into the country side and hide" is unrealistic... at least compared to what that would mean to an American or even Russian audience that actually has some land mass to hide in.

    • I live in NZ. It's a small island nation too albeit a tad smaller than Japan.. Plenty of native scrub though, so going bush would be an option, pretty much all over the North Island at least.

      However, I like your idea. This show needs to be set outside of Georgia; ideally overseas but I doubt that's going to happen.

  • I really hope that AMC doesn't go with the Lee/Clem plotline. After the last season of The Walking Dead, I have no faith in AMC's ability to do justice to Telltale's characters.

  • Yep, they would fail without question if they were handed any bits of the game, I think they are going crazy with spin offs, and I would like to mention that with every great spin off like Fraiser you get 5 bad spin offs, the fact they already have a spin off in the making makes it that much more obvious they are cash grabbing, if it is good then I will stop complaining at once, but the odds are not in it's favor.

  • Don't get the problem... don't like it, don't watch it!

    It's not like AMC forces you...

  • We are well aware, I won't be watching it, just complaining about money grubbing, not that it really matters.

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