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Had this game for a year, and still cant play it

posted by Lod_ashtaroth on - Viewed by 1K users

So I got this when episode 1 came out, and STILL have not been able to play episode 3 onwards.

There has been so many errors/bugs it is insane!!! I gave up last year when I lost all my saves. Then I got a new laptop and decided to play through the game again. Only this time, I got every single, I REPEAT........Every single bug that I could possibly find on the forums.

One after another after another after another. I have never seen a more broken game. And the worst part......I love what I have played of this game!!!

I cant believe I still cant play something I paid for over a year ago!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Telltale. Get. Your. Act. Together. Next. Time.

  • Weird, I had absolutely 0 bugs in my playthrough, except some minor graphical ones. :S

  • did you send in a support ticket?

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Zero bugs with my game. This seems very strange. I've replayed the game more than twice without having one single issue. These problems appears to only occur to some people. Could it be hardware-related?

  • I know what you're saying. I had to give up playing on Mac and shifting on PS3 because of multiple save data corruptions. However, it has been stated that many of the bugs and glitches in season 1 will be fixed in season 2, so that'll be a big help towards PC/Mac players.

  • Your problem: Playing a Mac

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    TinyCarlos got a point. The majority of problem reports on The Walking Dead come from Mac users.

  • I have PC version and there was one occasion when game didn't update prefs.prop file and I lost progress of that session, but other than that all problems I have experienced could be fixed by replacing one prefs.prop file with another (there's one in Walking Dead (episode 1) game folder and other in documents folder and those being out of sync seems to cause the issues.).

  • I've bought my first and last game from Telltale. It seems like they have crazy issues on almost all platforms they develop on and they don't communicate with customers or even acknowledge the issues.

    This combination of inept programming and abysmal customer care doesn't paint a very nice picture of the company.

    TWD on Playstation Vita is horrid - and there's no response from Telltale yet.

    Give me one good reason to ever give these guys money again.

  • Well, you will be missed, I'm sure.

    I'm a Mac user myself and had a couple of problems with downloading the new chapters, losing savegames, etc. But with the excellent help of DjNDB and the multiple patches Telltale has thrown our way, The Walking Dead has played fluently ever since. The 400 Days upgrade downloaded, played and saved perfectly. I know this is like 'running into a cancer ward and screaming: I'm healthy!' (or something like that, someone quoted a couple of months ago), but I just wanted to let y'all know that it's quite possible to run Telltale games on a Mac.
    All the other games (BttF, Poker Night, Jurassic Park) ran smoothly by the way, no downloading, installation or graphical issues.

    Yes, gaming on a Mac is still a difficult subject, even though most of the games are developed on a Mac I guess, but I am very thankful for Telltale Games (or any other studio) for creating (or trying to create) Mac ports.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    400 Days will probably influence Season Two in stability.

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