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Leave or Bring Stephanie in RV?

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If you remember, I talked about an alternative in Shel's story where Shel would seize an opportunity to save Stephanie from execution.

Here's an alternative I think that would've been interesting to do in Shel's story; if you choose to go and kill Stephanie, Shel would actually have an option to grab and take her to the RV with her while aiming the gun at Roman the whole way back.

"Back the fuck off! All of you!"
"Shel, what the hell do you think you're doing?!"
"I'm taking Steph and Becca with me, Roman. The three of us are leaving this place for good! You won't make me kill my friend!"

Once they get inside, Roman tries to bust his way in until Shel starts the engine and drives them all away from the gas station.

(I honestly agreed with Stephanie's decision on leaving that place, especially since I chose to let Roberto go and things took a turn for the worse afterwards. But I do think she shouldn't have tried to do it alone; that's (almost) always a stupid thing to do.)

Now, what I would like to know is this; If you had the opportunity to leave the pit stop in the RV and take Stephanie with you, (despite her escape attempt) what would you do?

For me, I would've brought her along in the RV.

  • No, there are no opportunity to take Stephanie with you.

  • Im not sure,I didnt kill her but how can I be sure she wouldnt escape for me to and steal most of my supplies aswell? ive got a kid (well..tennanger) in my team !
    If I would bring her back to the RV it will be something like "I just saved you from death,dont do this to me" an try being in a good relashionship with her,she will trust and be thankful for saving her from roman she may stay loyal to me,unless she is a bitch.

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