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The Dig and Indiana Jones The Fate of Atlantis

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Hello guys! I wanna ask, when are you gonna do a remake of these games?
Come on! Ive seen a lot of new games that you developed and none of them can outstand those two classics! You MUST remake it! Its guarantee money and lots of happy fans!
Are you at least looking forward to do it?

  • i have never heard of either one.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Those two games being LucasArts games and LucasArts having been acquired, then shut down by Disney, I'm not sure that Telltale will ever have the rights to remake those games.

    • Pretty much this. Telltale doesn't have the rights to these games, so they can't do anything with them.

      Also, Telltale hasn't done remakes of anything. The only LucasArts titles that were remade (the first two Monkey Island games) were done by LucasArts themselves, and as Macfly says, with LucasArts shut down, I don't think we'll be getting any more remakes like them.

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