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Don't buy this game if you're a PC Gamer

posted by Jack_Burton on - Viewed by 4.5K users

Reason #1: You cannot re-map the keys. Which is a joke for PC gaming. Re-mapping software should not be needed for any PC game. Should be easy for devs to fix/add. This is a shame and makes the game less than it could be. One of the best things about PC gaming is the ability to configure things to your liking.

Reason #2: Mouse issues. 1920x1200... windowed or full-screen... doesn't matter. The mouse doesn't line-up properly with what's in the menu. Maybe it's just the windows version... I don't know.

I can't even play the game thanks to the mouse issues and have no desire to use the wsad binding.

Too bad I can't get a refund through steam. I had high hopes for this game and the reviews were great. I'll be telling my PC gaming friends not to purchase this game.

Terrible execution in porting to the PC.

Had I known it was an console port I would never have bought the game.

  • Okay, so obviously, I was wrong......sorry for that......

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I don't have any problems with The Walking Dead.

  • know this came out on PC first, right?

    cooldude101 - could you posts the specifics of what happened? I gather you bought it from the Telltale store, but it hasn't activated. Is that right?

  • plays great on my pc

    • I know you probably don't mean it as such, but that's an incredibly unhelpful comment, and it's more than likely to just annoy Jack_Burton, as it sounds like you're rubbing it in.

      Please don't say things like that again.

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        What walkerbait00 and I are trying to say is that the problems Jack_Burton is experiencing don't count as a technical issue with the game. Key mapping is not an issue because Telltale didn't include the option to re-map the keys. Other than the mouse freezing, (which I never have heard about before), his attitude in his posts is not very appreciated. Jack_Burton didn't specifically ask for our help either, which gave me the impression of a regular criticism thread we've encountered before. We just gave him our opinions...

        • Fair enough.

          That said, Jack's entitled to his opinion, and comments like the one walkerbait00 said don't exactly do anything to help. Sometimes a dude (or dudette!) just wants to vent, and as long as they're not being offensive, I ain't got no problem with that. If it had gone further I would have done something about it, but as is... it's fine.

          Just let the guy (or gal!) vent their frustrations and move on. No need to say things that could easily add fuel to the fire.

      • I was just saying that it plays on my pc, and I have seen many people say things like that and not be reprimanded. just like he has the right to voice his opinion so do I and was in no way bating him/her

        • I know you didn't mean any harm by it, which is why I'm just asking and not doing anything 'mod-like'.

          It's just one my my bugbears, that's all.

          I will be asking anyone else I see doing it to not do so as well, so don't think I'm just picking on you!

  • If you don't want to use WASD then use the arrow keys, those work as well. Besides those two I can't really think any other key combinations which would allow easy movement.

  • I won't give you a thumbs down since I basically agree with you; remapping of the keys should be standard in any game (like in action sequences - spam Q and then finish off with E. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?). I don't know about the mouse issue, but that should be customizable as well. This is just lazy programming. But apart from that, you are wrong - TWDG came out to PC first (even if I admit I thought it had it roots in consoles first too).

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Remapping of the keys should be standard to games using more keys. The Walking Dead only use what, ten keys? WASD/arrows, QE and the mouse. Other games have the entire keyboard mapped which obviously makes it ideal to have the option of remapping them. What is wrong with using WSAD or the arrow keys for movement? Those are standard, so are E for the action 'usage' in most games. It seems so spoiled to have all options games have to offer. Especially for a game like The Walking Dead... I'm very grateful for having the option to re-map the keys in my simulator games, my shooter and RPG games. But for The Walking Dead... It is just -not- required. It is a point-and-click game!

      • Why? There are fully legitimate reasons you might want to remap the keys even for a game like TWDG like disabilities for example, or a left-handed person might not like that (s)he has to use the same hand for action keys as for the mouse. Apart from that, it is simply good customer service to ensure it is possible to remap the keys, no matter what.

  • Don't buy the game on Vita either. It is a terrible, stuttering mess of a game. Telltale has also stated that a fix/patch is not being worked on, which rubs me the wrong way to say the least.

    Telltale might tell good stories, but they seem to have little grasp on the technical side of game development. A conceptually good game can easily become a bad experience when the technical issues get in the way of the actual gameplay, which is the case with the Vita port of TWD.

    A shame that Telltale focuses so much on being on every platform out there while neglecting their software quality big time in the process. It's quite frankly shameful and insulting to those that buy their rushed efforts.

  • I remember the times where we were discussing the game, instead of ranting in a now mostly slumbering forum. I don't agree to anything the OP said (maybe with exeption to remapping keys, still don't see the need personally).

    I had loads of fun with the game and the community while we experienced it together! Slapping a lame donkey doesn't make sense to me actually...

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I actually played the game on PC with no problems at all. I know some complained about their saves being messed up. Honestly it was flawless for me. It was as simple as clicking installing and playing the game. Now Fable 3 is a game you shouldn't play on PC. They make you get an xbox live account and register your game on there before playing.

  • WTF?I already played this game on my pc.It works fine.Why you need to change key,all keys are well positioned for default gamer.I think your PC sucks,so that you can't play the game.Buy a new pc ..

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