I give up. [Sam & Max S1E6 Registration(And others)]

I purchased all of the Sam & Max games a few years ago. Last week, I was thinking "Hey wouldn't it be fun to replay Sam and Max?". So I did and the first 5 games in the first season worked great. But then I got to Bright Side of the Moon and when I logged in, it said that I had not actually purchased said game, and gave me the opportunity to do so. However, it still gave me the ability to unlock with the Serial Code. I thought that was pretty strange so I went to my profile to find my codes,it had been awhile and I was unfamiliar with the layout. Eventually I found "Receipts" and figured it would be there. When I checked, however, there was nothing there and it said that I have not bought anything. Which is incorrect because It lets me download all of Tales of Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and Back to the Future. All games that I have bought all of the series. But there is still no serial codes for any of them. I was still hungry for more Sam and Max Season 1 so I sent an E-Mail about it. After a day I did not get a reply, so I sent another. Still, no reply. I really do like all of TellTale's games, but if there is going to be no customer support or general fixes for huge glitches, I think they lost me as a customer.


  • None of Back to the Future works also, aswell as a few Tales from Monkey Island games.

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