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Issue with loading episod 2

posted by kooper99 on - Viewed by 451 users

Hi guys,
I've seen a lot of complaints about lost disk storage error, there were some works around but none of them worked for me. In my case when I choose my save(I've completed episode one only), and press start for episode 2, it signs me out, then it shows storage lost error and finally shows error that user profile is logged out, and there are 2 ways of behavior, if I press A it returns me to start screen of the game, and if I press B it loads episode 1(and behaves as none of profiles logged in), so if I go to main menu I see that all saving game slots are empty, but when I restart the game the saving slot 1 is there, so if I try to load it see above the beginning of story. I have Xbox 360 250 HDD.


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