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Still crashes.

posted by Lyricon on - Viewed by 266 users

Okaaaayyyyy, For the past 2 weeks for SOME reason this game decided to never launch again. Everytime I go to launch the game I get a black screen then an error exclaiming that 'the walking dead 101.exe has stopped working'. I really have tried EVERYTHING. I have tried re verifying, re-installing a number of different fixes I have found on message boards and have done EVERYTHING Steam has suggested. Still, just a crash. I am about half way through this game, and I mean it when it was working FINE 2 weeks ago. This is my last effort for I have also read that Telltale isn't exactly aces with support. Sooooo if someone knows anything about this, or has a suggestion I would really like to hear it. As I said, I am halfway through and I dont want to Youtube the remainder.

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