400 days - Black Screen issue on startup

I've seen the same issue reported other places, but not the exact same issue on this forum.
Game goes to black screen and hangs after starting 400 days DLC, after completion of the main game.
I downloaded the main game from Steam, and the DLC from Steam a few weeks later. Running on Win7 32 bit. So far I've tried verifying the cache (no errors found), uninstalling and reinstalling through Steam, and changing the screen settings to use windowed and a lower resolution.

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  • I fixed this by removing my local settings for Telltale Games - might have just needed to remove the prefs file.
    Had a similar problem when I tried to change the screen resolution to the max setting for my monitor and couldn't get it to start up until I got rid of all local settings.
    Silly me, apparently fiddling with the screen resolution is a mortal sin with this game :-P

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