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Episode 3 - Cannot get past Screen on Train with Ben

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Good Afternoon,

I'm up to episode 3, and the game will not let me past the part on the train where you need to get the maps on the wall, but Kenny asks you to leave him alone. First off, I cannot see the interior of the cabin if unless I walk to the top-right section of the cabin. Otherwise I can only see the black roof of the train. Also, when I leave through the door on the right, I see Ben leaning on the railing with his elbows out and his head down, but I do not have any options to talk with him or to go anywhere except for back in the train cabin with Kenny, again that it look likes the camera is pointed at the roof of the train and not the inside of the cabin.

How can I fix this?

Edit: Shutting down my Xbox has resolved the problem.

Please close.

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