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Kenny Fan-Fic - The One That Got Away

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Kenny Fan-Fic - Presumed Dead

Chapter 1: The Escape

"Can't have said all that shit...and not do something now, come on reach!" I shouted. Christa had jumped down for the walkie talkie and was stuck in the dark room, now it was me stuck in the dark room, and I realised walkers were around me, I shot two bullets before rushing to an exit. Locked. Shit.

"You gotta run man go! We'll find a way to get you!" Lee was shouting.

I looked behind to see Christa safe, good.

I look around, I'm swarmed. I look around before running across the wall and noticing more walkers, and a human. Wait WHAT. I blinked a few times, saw some kind of Pickaxe being driven into a skull of the walkers. I thought I saw that somewhere, but fuck. I wanted to die inside, and she saw me, she gave me a "lets go" nod, and started trying to drag me towards the door. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" I shouted. I shot a bullet, now meant to hit Molly, and good job it didn't, it hit a pretty nearby walker in the jaw. I thought for a quick second, before Katjaa started raining in...

I could hear her man, talking to me, telling me things. My vision seemed blurred, I made some grunting noises, damn. I saw her in my face, her beautiful face, my son, next to her...Dear god. She was talking to me. "Never give up...Ken...Never give up...Help...Lee...Clementine.." I came to realization, I couldn't die in this hole. I couldn't die here, with Clem, Lee, Christa and Omid wondering where I was the entire time of their life, they couldn't just think I was "the one that got away" or "the rotting corpse in a damn hole!" I picked up the pole that Christa had dropped earlier as a walker grabbed hold of me. "GO...I'll..I'll be -----" and Molly smashed the walkers head in with the pick.

Dragged me though the door...

We braced the door with the pole...

We got away, into another dark room with walkers...

The One That Got Away

Will Kenny find Clem with Mollys assistance?

  • Yes this is VERY short, but trust me the next parts will be MUCH longer.

  • Chapter 2: The Marsh House

    We took about going stealthily around the walls, but that wasn't going to work for long. We were slowly walking along, and I had so much to say, but we had to get back to the group somehow, someway. When the walkers realized we were there, Molly did her usual with her Pick, sliding it into the walkers heads. Molly wasn't exactly me best friend, nevermind my friend. I actually don't remember her leaving us, as far as I was concerned she walked out by herself, she didn't even say goodbye to me Christa, Omid or Lee I don't think, or at least I don't remember. She was a survivalist like me, had the skills to survive, came across a little bossy and a bit of a bitch, but I guess I'm slowly warming to her now that she just saved my life. One walker grabbed onto Molly, so I smacked it with my pistol around the head, didn't kill it but it got it off her. There wasn't as many walkers in this room than the other one, at the most there was 10 in this one, but the constant banging, the constant slamming on the door was irritating us, as the door may have broke any minute, who knows if that pole would hold. Molly whispered to me "That bell you guys rang almost got ME killed earlier you know!" I replied with a simple "Guess thats karma for Chuck getting lost." Actually I don't know what happened to him, but when me and Lee were searching for boats on river street, we didn't see a body. She scowled at me, but she got my point I guess. There was an elevator which didn't work, and stairs, so obviously we chose the latter.

    We sneaked down the stairs, a long staircase, a spiral staircase which can split off into different rooms. Molly told me that it was clear, as she'd came from these rooms before. I nodded and went downwards with her until I felt a slight tugging on my leg, I grunted. "Shit!" I shouted as a walker had grabbed me from the room, it tripped me up and I kicked it away, "Molly!" she sighed before kicking it away and sticking an ice pick though its eyes into the brain. "Have you not, like used a gun ever though-out these..uh...walkers?" I asked. She looked at me before saying "Of course" and adding "At Crawford they had everyone on some kind of Schedule..." I nodded before running down the stairs and, we looked out a window, there were thousands. There was so many walkers the streets were filling, it was like a tsunami, just of walkers. "Holy...That's a crap load of geeks" said Molly. I nodded in shock. "We gotta get to the Marsh House Molly, Clementines been kidnapped, infact, a SHIT load of SHIT has happened. Molly gave me a look, but then I guess she remember Clem, the poor girl. "Well we're kind of stuck for ideas, Grandpa" she replied. "Anyway theres no way we can get out of here, and before you ask, I told Lee to tell you all that I said goodbye, apparently he didn't tell you." I looked at her for a moment before saying "Well Not really shits gone down whilst you've been gone, our boat got FUCKING Captured by some Make A Wish Motherfucking Cancer Patients, Lee got bit, we Chopped off his ARM, Clementines been kidnapped by some fucking FREAK on the radio, and my FAMILY IS DEAD" I blurted out, realizing all that shouting attracted a few walkers. "Great" said Molly. "Listen up, I got in though the back anyway not the front, we gotta go in slow and steady, act like one of them fuckers, you aren't bleeding are you?" I told her that I wasn't, and we went with this little idea. We walked though the back, and we went back around the street and saw that this huge Sign had fell off the buildings. "I could have SWORE that was intact before" we both said. I looked up, the same roof I saved Christa from. I sacrificed myself for her and well, I think her Baby. Before we heard some speech.

    "We got Nowhere to go Omid, we have to go back the way we came, back though the house."
    "I dunno about the house Christa, last time we was there a lot of walkers were there, anyway can't we just power though like Lee?"
    "Lee probably didn't make it Omid, no way he could have...made it though that horde, its up to us to save Clementine."
    "Who said Kenny was dead?"
    "Well, Lee did."
    "Well Lee could have got though that horde, powered though because the walkers thought he was a walker because hes bit and smells like one and looks like one!"
    "Omid, NOT the time for jokes. Heres the plan ---"
    "Christa, let me make the plan for once, he told us to meet by the train, so thats what we'll do. Then he or Clem don't make it back, we'll search for Clementine."

    Molly brought me back to attention and I desperately wanted to shout "Hey, I'M ALIVE!" but figured that Half of Georgia was close to us, so decided against it. She said to me "this way!" and we cut though an alleyway, one of which was right under the balcony we jumped from roof to roof, that balcony almost collapsed and I'm lucky I jumped just before. No way I'd have survived that fall, surely. We passed by when I noticed the gate open. "We can climb this ladder to the roof and meet up with Omid and Christa!" "Sorry, uh...Kenneth -" "Kenny." "Kenny, but we need to get out of here, this was my home until you fuckers brought the city of Geeks into the area. A trains not exactly a SMART idea." I shook my head before noticing we was just outside our house, I could see inside, considering the walkers broke though the barricades, the doors, the windows and just about everything else. So many walkers, I saw someone I recognized on the floor. I thought in my head "Oh shit! Thats the lady that came with me for fuel for the boat!" I saw a lot of other walkers before realizing a crawling one. A teenage boy, crawling towards me and Molly. Little jacket with a hoodie on. Brown hair, thats all I could tell, corpse was rotten. Then, I fucking Realized.

  • This is really good!

  • Thanks! Next Part will be up and I guess people know who the teenage walker was, and I'll continue this soon!

  • Chapter 3: The Three Figures

    I was in shock, didn’t really know what was going on, Molly didn’t really recognize at first, before realizing it was the kid, that damn kid. The kid that screwed everyone over. My family, Carley, EVERYONE. That fucking asshole, I was holding in the tears because all I could see at the time was Duck and Katjaa. I never told anyone apart from Kat and Duck about the rest of my family, think I told Lee about Kat’s Sister though. I’m 39, whilst My Dad and Mum are, god knows where, probably dead in some shit-hole. Fuck, I wonder if Kat’s sister was ok. Maybe we’ll find her, maybe we’ll find the rest of my family, but I’ll never see Kat and Duck again on this walker infested world, until I go to heaven and die that is. Kat and Duck were the closest people to me, I had a brother called, uh -- Lenny or something like that but I can't really remember the name, maybe he's alive. Before all of this, me and Kat knew some people, calling Elizabeth, Tess and somebody else, Adam, that's it. They were nice, but god knows what happened to them. They're probably dead to. Now Clementine, I need to save her, for Lee, for her well being, shit, if her parents are alive that's good too.

    I stopped day-dreaming to see Molly had already shoved her pick into the head of…I hate to say the name, Ben. Apparently as well as the Macon horde we brought the Crawford Horde with us too. Damn, I wonder if I could find them damn Cancer Patients. One thing I really wish I said was that Christa and Omid could have gone through the attic in the house with the two people who killed themselves, who never gave themselves a chance. There was an entrance from the house surely, so that means they could escape from there, but they’d have to jump for the roof again, and that balcony was not in good shape when I jumped off it. Me and Molly advanced on, as most of the horde was in the house, me and Molly crept around some buildings and Molly apparently knew her way around Savannah. We crept into some open fields whilst we saw 3 figures standing there, on the other side of the street, running for their lives, shouting something, and running in the general direction of the train. “Marsh house is this way, let’s go” said Molly.

    If you want you can answer this!

    Who are the 3 figures?

    A. Clive, Boyd and Joyce(Cancer Patients)

    B. Christa, Omid and ???

    C. Clem and the 2 shadows(From the end of episode 5)

  • Kenny and Molly looked around the street that was The Marsh House. Strangely there was a large amount of walkers dead, and Kenny for some reason recognized the car that was parked near The Marsh House. Kenny didn't really know what to think about it, as he didn't remember where he actually remembered the car, but ignored it. Kenny and Molly heard a bunch of shouting behind them.


    "RUN, We got your backs! Shel, get Becca and run! We're getting out of here! Stephanie, get everyone IN the train, I'll hold off the walkers for a while, tell me when that baby is ready!"

    Kenny heard that, a man with a black jacket telling a group of 3 people, all looking quite old. An old women, and two black skinned men were runnning to the train, whilst 3 women, 2 adults and a little girl were running towards the train. Kenny was looking quite shocked, but all of a sudden it all started to make sense. He memorized the words in a weird way. "he" screwed them, whos he? It all made sense. Vernon, the motherfucker, took the boat, and even betrayed what thought to be his fucking friends. Well, Ken did NOT know how to react, and looked accross, then looked behind. They'd attracted a shit ton of walkers, with what seemed to be the leader of the group firing bullets, walkers were closing in on them, before the leader ran. Kenny and Molly realized the walkers were ignoring them, as they were edging on the wall, the walkers were going straight for the train. The walkers were going straight for the other group. Kenny didn't dare breathe, neither did Molly. Eventually, the walkers thinned out, and they all followed the sound of the train again. Kenny thought that they must have had someone who knew how to work a train, because it took Kenny a while to actually figure out the train, and it took the other group seemingly two seconds. After the walkers seemed to have thinned out, Kenny and Molly wondered though, there were still some walkers though. Molly finished a few off with her pick, whilst Ken used his gun to whack some of the walkers out. Kenny had ran out of ammunition, and needed more fast, but had no idea where to get some.

    Kenny and Molly sneaked into the Marsh House. Suddenly, Kenny and Molly heard some movement, and quickly ran into a different door. Molly noticed a guy, dead. He had a pistol next to him. Kenny grabbed it and realized it had some ammo. "Sweet" Kenny said. Kenny and Molly wondered up some stairs, and opened a door, before searching the room and finding no supplies, then opening the next door...

    There was a man with a gunshot in his head, lying dead on the floor and what seemed like a young walker, lying dead on the floor with a gunshot in it. "Fuck. Fucking hell, we was too late" I said. Molly looked at me, before searching the place, looking though cupboards, and eventually saying, "look I actually cared for that little girl, now I'm with you on this one, we gotta find her, make sure shes safe, then we need to get out of this geek infested city." I replied "Good One, wait what the fuck..." I looked on the side, there was a walkie talkie, and I knew it was the same one Clem had, it had the stickers on it. "Fucking Hell" I said. Suddenly, a static surprised us. "Anyone there? I suppose not. This is Tavia, I run a community up North, we have food and water. You might meet family there, or old friends or what ever. We're doing a run though Savannah, this place is pretty stacked with Geeks. Now if any --" "Hello." I said, I had to take this chance, to have a better life, take Clem and others there. "Somebody! What is your name?" "Kenny, and my...uh...friend here is Molly." "Where are you at Kenny, me and my joint leader Steve would like to bring you guys back." "Hold up, theres so many walkers, wait, who is that? A little -- --" before the talkie cut off.

    Is Tavia talking about Clementine?

    Yes or No.

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