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Sam & Max not running on fullscreen mode

posted by Reala on - last edited - Viewed by 954 users
Is there anyway to manually get to the set up process from when you first play one of the season 2 games or have it in windowed mode? Everytime I start my game up, the screen goes black when it goes to full screen mode. I already deleted all the .pref files.
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  • You can hit Alt + Enter to switch the game to windowed mode so that you can change resolution. The preferences get saved into the registry so you would have to completely uninstall every season 2 game to get back to the setup process with out fiddling with the registry.
  • Thanks. all my season 2 games are opening up in windows now. But when I go to play Chariots of the dogs, it tries to run in full screen and my monitor starts saying that there is no signal. I know my video card can handle the resolution, I have another game that plays fine at 1280x768
  • Try completely uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it. It could just be a problem with the installation itself.
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