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Back to the Future - Collector's edition

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Wow, big update to the website since last I logged.

I wanted to purchase the Back to the Future Collector's edition now, but I can no longer find the option to do that. I can only buy the game, no extra stuff... are those things no longer available? :((

Also, I own The Devil's Playhouse and I remember having the option to have the DVD shipped to me. I can no longer find that option either... Is that no longer available either?

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Telltale is not currently offering/selling any physical goods at this time.
    Though "physical merch will be making a comeback after we get the kinks worked out of the new site" (see here), I'm not sure that game discs will be (see two comments later in the same discussion thread).

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