Unable to transfer saved game choices

I'm incredibly frustrated with this game. I've had the same issues that many other users have had -- in my case, upon moving from the end of Episode 2 to the beginning of Episode 3, I've found that the game doesn't recognize my previous story choices.

I attempted the solution proposed (copying the larger prefs.prop file from either your My Documents folder to your Steam Apps/Walking Dead folder, or vice versa), but I've found absolutely no trace of a prefs.prop file anywhere in my Steam Apps folder. Subsequently, I copied my prefs.prop folder from My Documents to all of the various Steam Apps/common/Walking Dead/Pack subfolders (default, WalkingDead102, 103, etc.), and that did not work. The game still prompts me to generate story decisions when I click on my saved game and attempt to transition to Episode 3.

Can you please help? Here's the link to my support tool info:


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    I don't see any prefs.prop either, so it might be a different issue.
    It was mentioned here, that sometimes it might ask you to generate story decisions, but if you confirm to do so, it will keep your decisions, and it looks like that might be happening here.

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