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Do you think Telltale should develop more games based on movies?

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We have The Walking Dead; based on both the Comics and the TV-series. We also have Jurassic Park which turned out to a great experience. In my opinion Telltale would do a wonderful job developing more games based on movies. The Hunger Games for instance. Alot of emotional moments can be digged out from the movie's story and characters. I also think a post-Apocalyptic game based on The Road for example. There are not many game developers out there remastering movies to games. If I'd want a game based on a movie, I'd in that case turn to Telltale no doubt.

  • No! We've had and are still having in a row BTTF, Jurassic Park, Law & Order, The Walking Dead, and Fables and The Walking Dead 2. Isn't 6 TV/Movie/Comic based games enough?

  • Probably not. It depends on the movie. I say stick with make games based on books and TV series, or make up a whole new game from scratch.

  • Also Its completely your opinion but a lot and I mean a LOT of people is gonna disagree with you on Jurassic Park and use it as a point to why another movie game should not be made.

  • Don't mind them. Telltale should indeed try to re-master other movies into games.

  • I say yes cause I think they do them right, but I agree that also new IPs would also be nice to see.

  • Movie and TV tie-in games are lucrative, especially when they're done well. Generally speaking, Telltale are doing pretty well with their franchises.

    I'm happy for Telltale to continue to create works based on existing IP. They're usually games that appeal to me, and that I enjoy playing. Having said that, I'd love to see them take a few risks and create some original IP. I don't think it'll happen any time soon, though.

  • Eh... I couldn't really care what they're based on - I'd rather they just made point-and-click adventure games again.

  • Yes and no. Using a certain universe would be quite ok I think, but not trying to retell a certain story through the game. That just turns ugly (I've seen the game Jurassic Park, and it was quite a bit above par, unfortunately).

    Using the universe of The Walking Dead to create a separate/parallel game to the main franchise (the comic and TV show) worked very well, and there are quite lot of unverses out there that could be used for games, both fictional and real ones - how about a game during the French revolution, where you can select to side with the nobility or the people, a game in the same house as the one in the first season of An American Horror Story, a game based on the (excellent´) film Threads... There are literally tons of examples.

    But as long as you don't run into too many known characters, I think it's ok (meeting Glenn and Herschel in TWDG's first season was stretching it, but it worked fortunately), but not more than just meeting them.

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