problem to run games

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All the game i have here i can`t run from my win8, it no problem to download the games and install it, but when i shall run the game..nothing happen at all. It will not let me into the game at all ,so what to do?? i have try to read the forum but i have to say i dont understand a quak.


  • The legend that is DjNDB would most likely ask you for a dxdiag (Windows 8: At the start screen, type in "dxdiag" and hit enter).
    The first thing you can try, though, is unplugging any gamepad as it has helped players in the past.

  • i remove like joystike,driving force also the pedal , it look like it work for me now :)but it to bad i have to take it all out beford i can play this game . it look like it most of the gamingpad suporting stuff like driving force for pc,ps3 that make this problem for me.

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