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Would you support Game of Thrones Tell Tale Style?

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In this video game. I been playing. Game of Thrones has a ton of interactive choices. You can decide who lives or die, much like Bioware, Witcher 2 etc. But a thought struck me while I played this game. Why can't tell tale make a Game of Thrones video game. It could either be directly based on the case or another cast in that time period.

However the objective of the game would to become King or something. However you would have to convince people to your cause, backstab others etc, in order to get the crown. Since the tv series is based around people using other people to advance their own goals. Could a video game made to project that.

I mean they made the walking dead with a massive success. Why not this. Let me know your opinions.

  • Hell yeah.
    Make it play like The Walking Dead, like an interactive movie.
    But ONLY if the writers of the show are on board.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      Exactly, here are my suggestions:

      In the Game of Thrones people lie to each other. (You have that option already in the walking dead.)

      You can kill zombies/people in the walking dead (Game of Thrones perhaps when faced when a moral situation. You have to decide whom would help you become King. Make the choice more difficult by making the most logical choice. Say a ruthless leader, make it harder to pick the Nice noble man with No army. If you pick one of them, then the other dies)

      Sword Fights. You could have combat with swords much like in the wolf among us. Tapping buttons.

      The best of all.

      You can make choices on who would help you and why. It doesn't have to be exactly the cast from game of thrones. It could even be a spin off of the theme of game of thrones that resolves around lying, murdering etc.

      It just seems to be right up tell tale alley.

  • I haven't read the books, so all my knowledge comes from the TV show - bear that in mind here.

    I think this is a quite cool idea. The main focus of GoT is not really the fights, which are quite nice in themselves, but they are essentially just fluff that only partially drives the plot, which means that fights like they were handled in TWDG would suffice - it isn't Assassin's Creed or something we are talking about here.

    So the game could very well focus on what TTG do best and what the show is about, namely interaction between people. That is basically it - everyone is fighting for the throne in the show of course, and here we have the only thing I think where a game and the show/books should part ways: I think using the world, but another kingdom would suit the game better.

    This is for a quite apparent reason: the books and the show are made parallell and no one knows how it will end, so in order to keep everything 'canon', a game should not touch anything in the seven kingdoms.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      If Tell Tale can do this with zombies, with fables. Why not with this. Game of Thrones centers around human interaction. Based on what you say and who you upset. Things take place. People seek revenge and things change at the drop of a time. For example. You could be a lord of a House in the game of thrones at episode 1.

      Then a higher House, asks you to do something you might never do. A morally corrupt choice, however if you don't do it. They would do something even worse to you. Creating the moral choice that makes games so great and compelling. I agree, there are rarely fights in the show.

      Let's say you're walking down a long hallfway. Out of the blue, a man jumps out sent to kill you. You fight him off with interactions. Then you have a choice to let him live and hear what he has to say to to kill him. Or even have him join you.

      There unlimited potential.

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