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Does anyone know if we will be able to preorder the game or if we will need to wait untill it comes out. With the release in "Early October" I really just want to be able to be ready for this game ASAP

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    JesseW Telltale Staff

    Pre-order is now available at and on Steam!

    • Quick Question: Do i get a Steamkey if i buy it on your site?

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        In the past, we got a Steam Key for a mildly delayed release of Walking Dead Episode 1 since it came out on Steam before Telltale. I also believe some Telltale users got a Steam key for Poker Night 1 because of the Steam unlocks. However, this isn't common.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Holy crap, pre-order is up and Collector DVDs return? Take my wallet and make sweet sweet love to it!

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        FAQ herewith much reformed. ;)

        For everyone: If you buy the PC/Mac game on Steam, you get the game on Steam.

        If you buy the game from the Telltale Store, you will only ever download it from Telltale servers. But you will ALSO receive a free bonus DVD with the game and some extras a few months after the last episode, you just pay for postage & packaging.

        • wutt? No steam key??

          Should have read this before i pre -ordered .... not really happy with this solution :(

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            Vainamoinen Moderator

            Maybe happiness will still set in - in mid 2014, when you will hold the Season DVD in your hands. ;)

            • depends.. if the shipping costs (to Austria) are as much as the game itself, it won´t bring me much happiness either ;)

              Maybe you guys can include a chooseable option (steam key or Season DVD)?? Or at least something digital..

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                Vainamoinen Moderator

                Die Versandkosten liegen ein bisschen unter dem Spiel selbst... leider sagt meine Erfahrung, dass das Zollamt das Paketchen extrem interessant findet. Insgesamt landest du am Ende vermutlich bei 30 bis 40 Euro, also dem tatsächlichen Neupreis für ein PC-Spiel... bzw. kommst du noch etwas besser weg... ihr habt in Österreich ja einen ziemlichen Klatsch an Mehrwertsteuer auf den Spielen. ;)

                As things stand right now, you pretty much HAVE the option you wish. If you want a Steam key, order from Steam; if you want the Season DVD, order from Telltale.

                And I'm a voluntary forum moderator, not a Telltale official! ;)

        • No steam key ? shame on you

          • I too feel a little cheated if not getting a steam key activation as well - as I would prefer to play the game in my Steam library and still have the option for the DVD. I suppose I do understand the profit margins for Telltale might be better when ordering directly through their site, but still - I'd probably be willing to pay the difference if given the option.

            At any rate, I greatly appreciate the simple direct answer to this question Vainamoinen, as it makes the available choices clear.


            • Turns out we actually did get the Steam key as well! I dunno if this was intended or consolation due to download glitches on release day from the Telltale site. Either way I'm glad I decided to opt for the DVD on Telltale! Now I can play on steam and still get the DVD!

              Shame on us for doubting Telltale!

  • Awww okay that kind of sucks. I will likely just get this on Steam and then get it physically on PS3 if or when that happens.

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