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I want to preorder, but which Languages are included in the game?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users

Can you please tell me which languages are included in the game?
If only English, can you tell me if there are short-term plans for a localization? Or even long-term?

(And please, avoid the old, usual "silent"/"we don't know" answering method...
I preordered The Walking Dead on TTstore, then after 1 year I bought the Xbox version to get the Italian subtitles because the PC version didn't had one and at the time no real/official news about it, then after 2 months I discovered that Steam version had them and I bought it there...and then they appeared also on TTstore website. :P

Just tell us: "We're planning to translate all versions when the season ends", "We're not planning any translations", "We're making translation just for disc versions", "We're contacting people for translation, but it will take a while"....

I prefer a "NO" than waiting&hoping forever like I did for the Law&Order localization, which never happened.)

Thank you, and good luck with the game! :D

  • Law & Order was localized, no ? I think I was able to play it in French (but honestly the localization wasn't really great).

    It seems only English will be available at launch. My bet would be that it will be translated at the end of the season.

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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED

    The game will launch with English only. We don't have anything to announce regarding localizations at this time, but historically localized versions have been made available nearer the end of the season.

  • Thanks for the answers.

    If I can add a suggestion, it would be good for Telltale to learn how Phoenix Online Studio managed the Cognition's italian translation (through Zodiac Italian Digital Delivery store):

    they release the Italian version of each episode after a month from the English release date. So we had to wait just one month for the translation, and still feel the "episodic" gameplay style. It was fun.

    For example, they released the fourth english episode of Cognition on september and it will be soon avilable in Italian this month (30th october) already.

    Why we should wait for the end of the season if you already have the preceeding episodes finished and ready to be localized?

    Have I explained it well?? :P :D

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      Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED

      Thanks for the info. We definitely want to get translations out as fast as possible, and get to the point where we can launch with all languages. We'll keep doing our best!

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