Season 2 Release Date?

Just out of curiosity is season 2 expecting a release anytime within the next few weeks? I have noticed there have not been much news regarding it.


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    Now as The Wolf Among us is up for pre-order I'm sure Season Two won't be far behind. The Wolf Among is technically finished. Telltale Staff themselves stated a day ago they're literally bursting to talk about Season Two, and we should expect something very soon.

  • Yeah that is true, so my guess within the days to come we should be seeing some form of announcement.
    Won't be long now ;)

  • I'm guessing news very soon. Like a bunch of news. I didn't hear about TWD until middle of July in 2012 and i'm sure there were a bunch of news before A New Day came out. So stick around. I'm guessing news very soon though.

  • I heard Telltale will participate in some interview soon with Greg Miller and IGN. They'll be talking about The Wolf Among us and hopefully Season Two. They posted it on their Twitter.

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    Definitely not RELEASING any time in the next few weeks, but the team IS hard at work on the first episode of Season Two! While we're waiting for more details, feel free to speculate in the existing discussion over here:

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