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Poker Night 2 for Android

posted by zombiebacon100 on - Viewed by 5.5K users

Apple seems to always have the best apps, why not android? I enjoyed playing the first poker night, but my computer broke and then I heard poker night 2 for only ios. It would be great to have it on android, I would definitely buy it and I think a lot of other people would too!

  • Agreed! I would love to have any of the Poker Night games on my Kindle! (Or any other Telltale game for that matter)

  • A while back Tellttale said that developing for Android was tricky because of a lack of a standardized hardware configuration (the specs of Android tablets can vary wildly from system to system).

    Whether this is still the case or not I don't know - they did say it quite some time ago - but I suspect that's the reason we haven't seen any Telltale games on Android devices thus far.

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    • well, so pc specs dont differ, i guess? every pc's the same right?

      but thanks, now i know why there are no 3d-games on android at all, because its so tricky to develope for android.

      no... wait... there are plenty of 3d games last time i checked.

      reminds me off these a**f*cks that developed "techno kitten adventure", they released one level (ONE!!!) for android, the others where "coming soon", but guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED!! after some time they wanted a hundred thousand dollars (!!!) for developing some "super" version of the game (for pc & mac) via kickstarter, but guess what? people know bullshit when they smell it, so no money, no game.

      • Officially there's been no explanation given as to why there's not been an Android version announced (beyond the one I said, although bear in mind that was from a few years ago).

        That said, given the recent iOS/Vita announcement, I suspect they'll have plenty of people asking them about Android, so keep an eye open on gaming news sites for their inevitable response.

  • what about a shield version then

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