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restoring purchase (iOS 7 update)

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Hey guys (and girls),

after the iOS7 (using and iPad mini) update I got a problem restoring my purchases from my walking dead app. I had all the episodes + 400 days.

So what I tried - deleted the app and re-installed it via iTunes. After hitting the restore button it asks me to log into my itunes account which I did - no error message shows just the normal login stuff - and then nothing happens.

I really don't want to buy the whole package's bad enough that I lost all my progress....any suggestions what I can do?

  • I am having this exact same problem, they need to update and fix this.

  • I have the same issue, not dare to buy season 2 until they fix this one. Who know what will happen in next iOS update!

  • If you purchased the multi pack then it will restore your purchases, or for any episode you bought, just go through the buy sequence and you won't be charged again.

    • I went thru the process again and my progress was not restored. What am I missing ? And why hasnt telltale addressed this I wonder?

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        tronix Telltale Alumni

        This is the process to re-acquire purchased episodes. Apple keeps application information tied to the app, so it is lost on deletion of the app if not backed up in some way.

        • That's bullshit, I have plenty of other apps that use a restore function and they all work, but the walking dead on the other hand doesn't restore at all.

  • Restore after upgrade to iOS 7 brought back 2-5, but not 400 Days. Suggestions?

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    To re-acquire 400 Days on your iOS device, log into the account in which you initially made the purchase and continue the steps in-game to purchase it again. You will be asked to confirm your purchase, and then be notified that you already own the content, and be prompted to download it again. If you are not logged into the account you used to make your initial purchase the first time, you will be charged again. Once the product is re-acquired, the Buy button should change to Get and you will be able to download it.

    Please note that if you purchased the original multi-pack that did not include 400 Days, you will be charged if you purchase the new multi-pack that does include 400 Days.

  • thanks for the tip - it helped
    the progress is still lost but I didn't have to spent a dime

  • Im a little upset telltale hasn't addressed any if you guys yet. Add my name to the list. How do u create a game like this without iCloud support in year 2014. Maybe I shoukdnt jump to conclusions but I'm kinda angry none of u have been answered by now. What is the point of a forum without someone ultimately from telltale to make certain we are assisted. I would love to play episode 5 and then 400 days so I can move onto season 2. But I had to delete the game and re-install. How can this game win game of the year without having this basic feature. This reminds me of the NES where if there wasn't a password to punch in to restore your progress u had to pull out one of the two back cords and then u would be able to leave the game and go eat dinner while dad watched tv. Later u plug it back in and your progress is restored

    Why didn't telltale at least mention this in the AppStore description. I love this stupid game. It's my first game after years off from gaming. I admit I shoukdnt have deleted it without verifying, but in my defense, all games have a way to auto save progress now. I shoukdnt have but I assumed a game of this type would obviously have this feature. How thoughtless of the devs. Do they think we have no reason to ever make room on our iPad and may need to delete the application while we wait for episodes? I did not know 400 Days was coming at all. I thought the game was over after season 5. What if I completed 5 earlier? I would have deleted the application then! Why not put in VERY BOLD WRITING IN AN EMAIL TO EVERYONE U WILL NOT SUPPORT OUR PROGRESS CUZ U DONT GIVE A DAMN

    Signed w/Haste,

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      tronix Telltale Alumni

      Hi BluPanthr. I'm not sure exactly why the decision was made to not support iCloud on iOS devices, but I do know that cloud save support was a problem for the game on Steam. Cloud support will corrupt the saves if at any point all save files are not in synch, which can happen whenever the cloud only partially synchs, which is more likely on a Wifi or 3 or 4G connection. So, ultimately I believe it was not supported in order to prevent the loss of save progress after a synch. Users are able to backup their iOS devices through iTunes, but, personally I became aware of a bug where newer OSs will only replace the last backup, so there's no way to "go back in time" anymore with the iTunes backup. I got the "lost all contacts" bug on my iPhone because I interrupted a backup synch.

      I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've played so far. I'm sorry that you lost your progress, I'm sorry that we did not build in iCloud support for iOS devices, and I'm sorry if we did not respond to you in a timely fashion.

  • So what is the solution for restoring purchases already made? The solution of go through the process again and make sure you are logged in on the same account your originally purchased it on does not work. You are still prompted to repurchase at $19.99 even though a person has already paid for it. At no point have I gotten an "already paid for it" message. This is messed up on multiple levels.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Can you please clarify if you've proceeded through the purchase path, and were charged again? You should be able to hit the 'Buy' button, and it will then alert you that you have already purchased this item, and to download it for free.

      • Yes, I have proceeded down the same purchase path that I bought it the first time around. Mutlipack which includes 400 days add on. When I try to restore it ,wont do anything. Knowing this option is not working now, I then try what you are saying to do and this is what is happening: I click on the buy Multipack + 400 days, (now mind you, at this point there has never been a message prompt alerting me that I have already purchased this item), it ask me to sign in with my user ID, which I proceed to do. The next thing it does is goes to a screen asking me to Purchase the Multipack + 400 days for $19.99. I have not clicked the buy button again because I am fearful it is going to charge me another $19.99. At what point am I supposed to get the already purchased message? I have ready many posts where people are saying they have been charged twice for clicking that buy button again. It would be a huge leap of faith to click buy again after having already purchased it the first time around. Telltale is obviously not refunding people for this game, so who do I see when I am out $39.98?
        I want to click buy again, but I am not seeing happy results on the message board as this method is not eliciting the "you have already purchased this item".

        In other words, hitting the "Buy Button" again does not register or prompt the "already purchased message". It just keeps proceeding forward like you are purchasing it for the very first time, and it wants you to confirm your willingness to pay $19.99 for the Multipack that has already been paid for once already. Is this point at which I click " confirm purchase" and then a message will pop up telling me I have already purchased this item? This why people are up so upset, myself included. Apparently this is a great game with one huge issue - restore problems. Please clarify the points I have made above. Can you positively say, without hesitation, that a person will not be charged a second time as long as they purchased it the exact same way they did it the first time?

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          Unfortunately this is the only way to restore your previous purchases. If you proceed through the purchase path and hit the 'Buy' button, as long as you are logged into the same account that you originally purchased the app with, you should see an alert pop up that you have already purchased this item, and it will then prompt you to download it again. If you are charged a second time, you can contact Apple Support and request a refund for the second purchase. I recommend going to your purchase history on your Apple Account and make sure that your previous purchase of The Walking Dead: The Game app shows up under purchased applications, to make sure you are purchasing the exact same thing that you originally purchased. (19.99 Multi-Pack compared to the 14.99 Multi-Pack, or individual Episodes)

  • this game is not letting me restore my purchase , i bought the original multipack 2-5 episodes, i tried step by step information provided by telltale games but it didn`t work , i also contacted Apple store to issue me a refund as app is failing to restore the purchase, they refused me a refund, i only played 2 episodes so far , i am very disappointed i would love to buy the wolf among us but only if you sort this issue out first with my purchase , the reason i had to download the whole app as i wanted a fresh start on ios 7 , but i didn`t know the game app will fail to restore the purchase please help thank you
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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
      I apologize for the inconvenience. If you proceed through the purchase path and hit the 'Buy' button, as long as you are logged into the same account that you originally purchased the app with, you should see an alert pop up that you have already purchased this item, and it will then prompt you to download it again. Please note that it will look like you are going to purchase the Multi-Pack again, but your previous purchase history will allow you to download it again.
  • It didn't work for me with that buy again way:(

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Can you please clarify if you made sure to proceed through the purchase path to buy the same exact item as you originally did? (Multi-Pack vs. Individual Episodes?)

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