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Will Telltale be supporting Linux?

posted by SanePLJ on - Viewed by 2.7K users

With Steam now heavily pushing towards Linux and the fact you already support Mac/IOS so already using OpenGL Does Telltale have any plans for Linux support?

  • They'd be stupid not to.

  • Eventually? Probably. In the immediate future? Probably not.

  • Telltale doesn't like to take risks. If they see other businesses supporting Linux and raking in big money, they will, too. If not, they won't. So post success stories. :)

    • hireing one or two devs to port the games to linux would hardly be a risk.

      • Totally agree.
        They already have a MacOSX version so most of any work they have to do is small.

        Linked below is one of the steam dev day's video where Ryan Gordon talks about Getting Started with Linux Game Development.
        Just incase anyone is interested.

        A little background on Ryan.
        Ryan has been a big contributeur of porting games to linux for 15 years or so.
        So know's he's stuff.

  • I've been saying this for years. I'd love to not have to rely on partial solutions, like WINE. Additionally, with Valve's Linux-based steam machines, I can see a lot more benefit for publishers/developers jumping to Linux. Here's to hoping!

  • Realistically I think SteamOS is going to have to become a big thing before they start porting games to Linux. Being early adapters would give them a ton of added exposure though. I agree with the above poster who said they'd be stupid not to.

  • They're only going to port to a platform if there is enough demand for it to be profitable. As long as their games work through WINE (which they run perfectly as far as I can tell), I don't think it would be profitable to spend time porting to Linux when they could focus on porting to other platforms that don't have the ability to run the games.

    With that said, if they did port their games to Linux, I would gladly install the Linux versions instead of relying on WINE.

  • Well last I heard they're still making a port for the OUYA and I highly doubt making a version for Linux would be much riskier than that. I think SteamOS support is bound to happen eventually.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      The Ouya version opens the doors for more Android platforms (for instance the Ouya port of The Walking Dead hasn't been released yet, but the version for Kindle tablets has). The biggest stumble block for Android support has always been stated as the fact that it supports multiple different hardware from different manufacturers (which is a problem that Telltale has been having with PC and MacOS support, especially since their teething issues with the new saving system required for The Walking Dead).

      If they do go for Linux support, it will probably be like Android before it (certain Steam Box manufacturers will probably be among the first depending on which are readily accepted among gamers). That said, we don't know yet though if the Kindle/Ouya releases will lead to full Android releases, so even if Telltale does go for Steam Box versions, it's not certain whether they'll ever have Linux versions on the level of the general PC/Mac versions.

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