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IGN says your new game has the same old framerate/stalling problem

posted by chameleojack on - Viewed by 2.5K users

Nice job, Telltale.

  • Getting a jump on the issues. They say the early bird gets the worm.

    Joking aside if this is true it would be a slight letdown. I thought I saw somewhere they updated the game play engine.

    • It really ruined The Walking Dead for me. I bought the Season Pass and after Episode 1 (or however they divide these things), the file just kept getting bigger and bigger and the frame rate got REALLY choppy during cutscenes. By the third episode it was often impossible to choose an action/response before the timer ran out. Finally, the game would freeze and I'd have to start over multiple times.

      This is a well-known game-breaking issue that the community has already spoken out against en mass. There is NO EXCUSE for the same bug to be in this game because Telltale already knew it was a problem that needed to be fixed.

      (I don't want to just be the outraged guy on the forum though. I was looking forward to this game. Can a mod comment on this please?
      NO SPIN, PLEASE. We know when developers are being evasive)

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        Can a mod comment on this please?

        Moderators on this forum are all volunteers from the community, none of them is a Telltale employee, none of them has inside information and none of them can answer your question, sadly. If you get an answer to your question - and I hope you will - look out for the "Telltale staff" badge next to the user name. Only those comments are official statements from the company.

        Right now however, it's 1AM in California; could be a while until the Telltale folks wake up...

  • Do we know which platform they were playing it on to get this stalling problem? I watched the review but he didn't seem to say.

  • I watched the IGN review this morning, and I finished the first episode just now. I was specifically keeping an eye out for any framerate drops like in their video, but I didn't notice anything. Maybe the PC version doesn't suffer from the same issue, I dunno.

  • I just finished the episode on my PC and I had no stuttering at all. Great start BTW!

  • i just finished the xbox 360 version and ign are right.

    most of the time the game runs smooth, only in the transitions of scenes and loading even the start up was slow for me a black screen for a few minutes almost dashboarded to restart it. but it came to life.

    also when trying to access the 'home menu' during a load screen or just after a cheevo popped the console does seem to struggle with it. (maybe my hard drive is too full )

    other that that game ran fine for me. and at 13.38 pounds ep1 + season pass total bargain.

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