• Story was great. Now I am impatient.

    I know nuffin about the Fables universe but I loved this. - And I also wanna find the sob who ripped the head off two of my potential love affairs in under a friggin' day. The ending was great too, left me wondering and it was unexpected with that beheading as well.

    Tbh. I think Faith is screwing with me. Or perhaps.. That old guy Ichabud.. bod, something. Or the headless horseman himself. Can't have a female head, can he? He can't see shiez when he cuts them off. :p Mistakes are bound to happen. - I dunno what I'm thinking. Sigh. Gief me more chapters now! I demand it.

  • When I was in the taxi with Snow , I knew it's a high probability she would die. The relationship you were building there was very intense , and I realized they're trying to build tension so they can shock you when the death happens. However I was not expecting the death so soon.
    When I arrived at the end , seeing one of the cops cough (almost vomiting) made me realize somebody died. Inside I was screaming "Please don't be Snow , please don't be Snow" , and yet she was ... and it still left me speechless for 10 minutes , though I knew it was coming.

  • this surprised me cause i taught snow would be a main character in the leading episodes

  • So can anyone tell me where can I read fabletown online or buy them online thanks in advance

  • i hated the ending because i've read every single issue of the fable comics and snows a big character so her head on the steps just had no emotional impact whatsoever. for someone that hasn't read any of the comics i can see how it would be a twist and a good cliffhanger but to comic fans it just seems a bit odd. i just feel like it doesn't really matter, she'll be back because she's in the comics. hopefully they write better endings than this one in the future episodes.

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