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Product available on Steam, but not yet available on TT service?

posted by Thiefx on - Viewed by 13.3K users

Just wondering why the Wolf Among Us is available to those who want to buy on Steam this moment, where as us with preorders through TT games (I got mine through GreenMan Gaming) still are unable to download and play.

Is there any option for us to receive Steam keys for this? I waited up past midnight last night to play, and I still cannot download half way into today.

Please help TT!

  • I managed to download it via there extremely slow site and cant even log into the game I hope they give steam keys as im not impressed

    • Why would they give you a Steam key? They have no reason to. And your not impressed? Already? It's just come out. Give them chance to iron out the issues first before you throw your toys out of the pram.

    • Keys will probably not be issued until these issues spill over into another day. Just give it time.

  • Why does Telltale do this? If they aren't up to standard for their consumers they need to stop selling their games through their stores. I hope this isn't an always online DRM type game, and if it is I would like it gone.

  • Same. Why is there a server error. Should be working by now...

  • My account page still just says coming soon...

    • I went to My Games, and there was a DL button. Got it installed, but you have to log into the TTG servers to get past title screen. Why is it so difficult to mail out keys. I honestly only bought from GMG to save money. I wouldn't have even signed up here if I had. Shame on me, I should've gotten it through steam, prolly would be playing right now. -_-

  • I downloaded the installer, but now I always get a Login Error - Can't communicate with Telltale Servers.

  • Chill your beans folks.

    Steam uses a different platform to TellTale, hence why it's available there and not here. It's quite obvious that upon a launch day, there will be issues. I don't have the game via Steam, I bought it at Greenmangaming but rather than chewing out TellTale, I will just wait. Then again I have common sense to know that there will be issues on launch day

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Since the download was only available for a short time, it is possible that it was only available by accident, and was pulled again, because the authentication servers were not ready yet.
    I am sure they are working on getting it out to us as quickly as possible.

    • Sounds like a reasonable explanation, thanks for the heads up.

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      @DjNDB has the right of it. :)

      We hit the go button a little prematurely this morning, and for a period of about 10 minutes people were able to download something that's not the final build. Anyone who got that file should uninstall it and delete the download - we'll have a fresh, working download later this afternoon (US west coast time). Thanks so much for your patience, folks!

  • it's a drag for sure. on the otherside, pre-ordering here afforded a discount, a dvd, and hopefully, if the 400 days is anything to go by, added content will be free down the line.

  • I thought it a given that code would work on Steam too.
    I really wanted to play it on release too.
    Somewhat sad pants now too.
    How soon is now?
    Will definetly buy from Steam in the future.

  • While I can appreciate that things can go wrong, it seems to happen with every launch. People who buy direct from Telltale can't play while those who buy on Steam can mostly run the game.

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