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problem when install sam&max season 1

posted by darek on - last edited - Viewed by 418 users
Hi everyone,
I have some problems to install the game sam and max season 1. My hard disk is in 2 parts, one for windows, (c:) and one for my games and films...(d:)

When I try to install the game, it always run on c: and i only have 1 G free. So the installation stops.

I have enough free space on D: but i can't choose the directory folder.

Someone to help me ?

Excuse my english but i'm french...:rolleyes:
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  • Hey Darek,

    Which version of the game is this? Did you download it from us or buy it in a store? They have different installers.
  • It's a french game...

    It says saison one 1.0...

    I can choose D: but the install begins on c:, and when there is no more room, it says extraction: failed writing files...

    What can I do ?
  • Unfortunately, that installer works by extracting everything in temporary files on the C: drive and then installs them to the D: drive. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done about it other than make some temporary space on the C: drive.

    Do you have enough space on your C: drive that you could move some files out, or is it entirely used up by Windows?
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    The installer needs to extract out content in the Windows temp directory first before placing the files in the correct place.

    Besides clearing out your windows drive, you can also reset your temp directories to your D drive:
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