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I didn't see one on the front page, so here goes! Apologies if there was one already and I missed it.

Fantastic job, TTG! I was particularly pleased that you guys decided not to over-compress the audio this time around. For a time I was concerned that you'd try it on again and see if anyone noticed, as with WD, but I'm very glad that you decided not to. Overall I thought it was a perfect effort, and easily a 10/10 in my book. Eager to see more in the future!


  • A 9/10 for me as I'm not very fond of QTE action scenes. Still loved it though! The colors are stunning, it looks like a comic book even more than The Walking Dead.

  • Nice to hear a little positivity for once :p

    Glad you guys enjoyed it.

  • Prefer it to walking dead at the moment. I like that the character seems more of a blank slate imo. Also I like the fact it seems to reward you to put the effort in. (I saw through all of the toads lies, stopped the husband dying and just generally made the better choices imo)

  • I love how smooth it felt. It feels like progress was made on the engine, personally it's also nice to not have to manually get the game to use multiple cores. The way the actions were integrated into the scene was a highlight for me. It reminds me of the subtitles on my first viewing of night watch.

  • I just finished it now and I agree, absolutely amazing.

  • 9.9 out of 10.

    Love it

  • I absolutely love it. It's the best game I've played this year, by far. I loved The Walking Dead, but this is just infinitely better.

  • I'm completely blown away.

    If you liked The Walking Dead, get this, because it's better in every way. The visuals are incredible (best use of cel-shaded graphics since Wind Waker), the setting's unique, the combat and QTE's are more polished, there's a little more interactivity to make it feel more like a traditional point-and-click adventure (though I still miss the Sam and Max days, dammit), the choices seem to actually affect the story this time around (though it's hard to tell from just one episode), and Bigby is just plain cool.

  • This could take the cake for Telltales best game ever

  • I've played through it and love it! Actually I'd love to play through it again right now. But as it is already 4:22 am here ... ;-)

  • It's really great! I feel bad because I didn't realize I could save the Prince somehow after going to Toad first. But well, I guess I have to live with him being dead now. :/
    It was a very exciting playthrough!
    There's only one thing to complain: Episode 2 isn't realeased yet! ;)

  • This may sound dumb but I really like what they have done with the Book of Fables too. Unlocking lore and stuff, and it looks gorgeous. An extra-game experience.
    Also, amazingly breathtaking story. And I don't have a very good PC, I can only run Poker Night 2 and The Walking Dead with the lowest graphical configuration, but I was able to play Faith with the best config and without a single lag. That was a great surprise.
    The game was really smooth as someone pointed out on the previous page. The characters are interesting, there is no time unused. The QTE are perfect, seriously.
    I didn't recognize Jared Emerson-Johnson's style, I think he did something really new. I loved the music, even it it's subtle (not as subtle as in The Walking Dead though, purposely.)
    I can't wait to see how the choices will have a repercussion on the next episode!

  • Loved it - absolutely loved it.

    My enjoyment of it is very likely enhanced by the fact that I've been reading the books for years now, so the mention of certain characters was a big thrill for me, and I think TTG have managed to capture the personalities perfectly through the voice casting.

    Also - holy crap the game looks beautiful - this only makes me want to see TTG take on another Vertigo book like "Hellblazer" or "Sandman" even more - it looks perfect.

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    First impression, I think it was a good intro to the Fable universe. A few strange concepts to get into right off the bat, but I'm definitely intrigued about where the story's going from here.

    I love the art-style and vibrant colors, and while the action is still QTE based, I think it was a breath of fresh air compared to TWD's combat sections.

  • Telltale, I salute to your skills! This is one of the best adventure style games I've played, the graphics are amazingly stylish and beautiful, soundtrack is great and suiting, the character you play as is a badass with dept, the whole idea of bringing characters from classic tales and putting them into this world with its problems and crimes to the lowest point in their existence is just wonderful, I've never seen this before!

    Very colorful and at the same time dark world, very engaging story!
    As many others said, you've done it again!

    Thank you for another masterpiece, can't wait for further episodes! :)

  • I've copypasted what i've already wrote in every thread mentioned to express my feelings about a game. Well done, guys!

    Registered just to say how much i've appreciated "The Wolf Among Us". Starting from "Sam & Max" series(which i've never played tho), and continuing with "Tales of Monkey Island"(which was the greatest adventure game i've ever played since this moment), "Back to the Future" game(which was so much interesting and fascinating), "The Walking Dead" game(which impresseed me so much, that i was waiting for the next epsiode like i've never did i guess) and now it is "The Wolf Among Us". And i want to say, this game is something very special that people can try now in the area of videogames and,maybe, films. So special, tha i think it worth much more than just buying it, or buying it for those 25 bucks. One of the best i've ever played and,i think, ever will play. And not only adventure games, but all games ever made. Great job and well done! I would say 10 of 10, but it is quiet impossible in our world, so i'd say it's fair 9.9 in period of 10. Thank you and keep going, you doing it great, dear Telltale Games devs.

    Gaura Hari Bol!

  • The combat is much better than TWD. In TWD whenever combat started my finger immediately went to the Q key. Now there's a lot more options and it keeps you on your toes. Plus it seems to happen at double speed.

  • I felt like my actions had a lot more weight than in TWD, its really a great game so far. Also, should I start reading Fables now? I feel like it will ruin the upcoming episodes, with it taking place before the series.

  • Loved the graphic style, music, dialogues, characters, story, choices, and Colin.

  • I love it. I think that they did a great job of representing the world of the comics. I know that there are a lot of people out there who think "Fairytales in modern times = cheesy," but the comic series shows that it doesn't have to be and the game is very true to the Fables universe in that way.

    I also really like the music, dialogue, overall art style of the game, and I think that the voice acting is amazing.

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    Certainly deserves a clear nine, but in my opinion The Wolf Among Us can't out vote The Walking Dead with the emotional relationship with the characters and the deep story. The Wolf Among Us however surprised me with the new game mechanics, soundtrack, and the new updated style with the strong and dark colors. This is something I hope The Walking Dead: Season Two will make use of.

  • Loved the graphic style, characters, gameplay, dialogues, story, choices, music, Colin.

  • It does spoil some things, yeah. Maybe hold off until the series finishes.

  • okay thanks, I got in about 17 before you posted this, and that's where it finally started picking up (in my opinion). After the camping trip...

  • The wolf among us was great but I like The Walking Dead a lot more.

  • I absolutely loved TWD, and when i heard that you were making a game about Fables (i am a huge fan of it, i have all the comic books) I was very excited about it. You fullfilled all my expectations, the plot is great and the game is very faithful to the Fables universe. So it was little surprise that Bill Willingham loved the game too. Congratulations!

  • Looks like we've been visited by a downvote fairy or two, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Well, shoot, so you would know that Snow White isn't dead. Might as well keep going in that case, I reckon. 'Tis a good series; enjoy!

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