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Theories of where the games are going

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First of all after playing the walking dead game, apart of me, wanted to believe they would not get it right twice in a row, but i was wrong for the most part the wolf among us is as dark as a world full of zombies. instead we have trolls and that dude from Beowulf. the choice's in a way seem harder to make and the story already has me guessing whos next and whos the killer, the purpose of this thread is to get this community to dig into there detective side and come up with some logical theorys if you can say this is a logical kind of game

  • if you look closely at what she says the lips are sealed. if you take the final word sealed or seal its a reverence to a wax work device is there any fables about wax works?

  • I'm having a hard to adding anything further. I'd probably have to do another playthrough to see something else.

    • True that, although I have done some poking around in the Fables Comic Book Wiki. Nothing in it is really linear to the game. I just hope that Snow isn't really dead; she kind of feels like Bigby's Clementine. Although Bluebeard's fairy tale is making him a truly suspicious suspect, with the beheading and all.

  • Just started my second playthrough and the ginger has already appeared 3 times! Something's fishy here

  • I think Magic is involved. The next episode is called Smoke and Mirrors so it gives me the idea that not everything is what you see

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