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Wolf Among Us Review

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The Wolf Among Us is a fantastic game! Truly amazing episode! Loved how it was longer and action packed! The voice acting is top notch and the characters models look beautiful! The graphics and environment are comic-y and super colorful, a nice change from the Walking Dead color palette. The story is compelling and long! I also felt there were more choices in this episode and my experience would be a lot different than another who just played the game! I also loved the combat, it is more fast paced and skilled based than Walking Dead, I never thought as if I was button mashing! I can't wait to jump into another play-through and try some other story and combat routes! The only problem I had was occasional texture pop ups after loading screens or location transitions (there are so many memorable locations, by the way! This problem never took away from my amazing experience though. One more thing, though- I love Bigby! At first I didn't like his voice acting but he really warmed up to me and really is a badass (I love his sarcastic remarks).

Keep doing what you're doing TellTale, cause it's working! Everyone should try out this game!

Can't wIt for episode 2 to come out!!!!

  • What are your thoughts about the game?

  • Fantastic Episode and introduction...I hate to be this guy but 10x better then the 1st episode of TWD please don't kill me!

  • I feel the same was as the OP, There is huge potential for this game and hopefully, it gets just as popular as TWD and they continue on with a second season/sequel.

  • I enjoy the landscapes/enviroment but the character art style is so much like the Walking Dead. I don't really mind it but I expected the character style to, ya know, change. No matter, its still perfect.

  • morning all, from the uk. I played The wolf amongst us, last nite, and fell asleep unfortunataly, because of a long wk of work, not because the game was boring. what part i did play, was amazing, really enjoyed the graphics been similar to the walking dead game, because, it felt like i was playing, a graphic novel, with a dark noir it gave me chills, for what the 2nd season could be like. It also had me feeling, like i was the sheriff, in once upon a time{ the show }, which felt fresh and a new way to tell, a brand new story, in a world, we have all known and loved. i do think the animation and voice acting was top notch, and the story was very engaging, upto the part i fell asleep. Cant wait to play it again today, and see where the mystery leads me next. i am one of the many people who have had, problems with the last walking dead add ons, but still, i do love these games, they have started to produce, and believe there is a really good market, for these type of episodic games, that draw you into a living, breathing and fast indulging story, i take my hat off to TellTale, and all the hard work, they do, to bring these games to us. i look forward to continuing to play this new, chapter, in their grand design of story telling, and also aching to get the next, season of walking dead, so i can see where, that story will lead me next. This is only my opinion, and i believe it is each to their own. i hope you all enjoy the game as much as me though. take care, and happy gaming to all.

  • update on my last post. i just completed the wolf among us, and i have to say, it was brilliant, it made me feel, really connected to the whole story, and the choices were amazing, i can definitly see, some great potential, for lots of replay action, which is really good value for money, and can change the story a lot more than the walking dead series, so far anyhow. Some of the scenes, made me feel, like i was, playing, Heavy rain, which in my opinion, was a great game and fun to play. i will be waiting with bated breath, for the next thrilling installment, of the wolf among us, to see what dark and mysterious road, TellTale, will take us down next. keep up the good work, here is one fan, who is very pleased with this game, judging from the first episode. i hope everyone enjoys the game. happy gaming to all.

  • I've copypasted what i've already wrote in every thread mentioned to express my feelings about a game. Well done, guys!

    Registered just to say how much i've appreciated "The Wolf Among Us". Starting from "Sam & Max" series(which i've never played tho), and continuing with "Tales of Monkey Island"(which was the greatest adventure game i've ever played since this moment), "Back to the Future" game(which was so much interesting and fascinating), "The Walking Dead" game(which impresseed me so much, that i was waiting for the next epsiode like i've never did i guess) and now it is "The Wolf Among Us". And i want to say, this game is something very special that people can try now in the area of videogames and,maybe, films. So special, tha i think it worth much more than just buying it, or buying it for those 25 bucks. One of the best i've ever played and,i think, ever will play. And not only adventure games, but all games ever made. Great job and well done! I would say 10 of 10, but it is quiet impossible in our world, so i'd say it's fair 9.9 in period of 10. Thank you and keep going, you doing it great, dear Telltale Games devs.

    Gaura Hari Bol!

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