• Faith: Gave her the money. Didn't see it coming into play later on. It kinda did but not in any significant way.

    Beauty and Beast: Didn't tell Beauty that I'd lied for her. Let the door close on Beast. Just stayed the fuck out of that mess.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad's place because it seemed like things were happening right then and there. Didn't think the situation with Lawrence would have changed much. Boy was I mistaken.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. I doubt either of them did it, but I know Dee had a boss. And I want to know more about him.

    Prime Suspect: Silence. I would have picked either the pimp or Bluebeard but didn't have enough evidence to make a strong claim about one over the other.

    Grendel: I went BeoWolf on his ass. He pissed me off. I would have probably let him go if Bigby wasn't transformed but I just like the idea of Bigby trying to be a nice-ish guy but not being able to control his rage when pushed into his wolf form.

  • Faith: gave her money

    Beauty and Beast: i lied :(

    Toad and Lawrence: went to toad first but i had a feeling it would be lawrence but shook it off

    Prime Suspect: The Pimp

    Grendel: walked away after the awesome cinematic fight

  • Faith: I gave her the money. Bigby is a gentleman and likes to help out a pretty lady.

    Beauty and Beast: I told Beauty I wasn't getting involved and then when I bumped into Beast, I lied to him.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad first, seemed more urgent as it looked like Lawrence was dead already.

    Woody or Dee: I like to play in character, and since Bigby told Woody it would be a lot worse for him if he ran, and he DID, he wouldn't have appreciated being ignored and disregarded like that, so I chose to run after Woody.

    Prime Suspect: I chose the silence option since we really didn't have a lot to go on.

    Grendel: I left his arm intact. Had already given him a decent beating. Bigby needs to learn some self-control!

  • Faith: I did give her money

    Beauty and Beast : silence

    Toad and Lawrence : Toad

    Woody or Dee : Dee

    Prime Suspect: Dee

    Grendel: Ripped off his arm

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