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    I gave faith money, I thought it would be better if she went back with something.

    I lied to beast (I had already promised beauty) - wasn't expecting to see beast that soon, and thought "phew" when the lift doors were closing with him still outside -, until beast opened the lift door >_<

    I went to toad first, sounded like someone grabbed him or something.

    I went after Dee, I want to know why they were searching Lawrence's and the woodsman's places, and why they are interested in faith etc.

    I chose the pimp as prime suspect so far. Though I do want that ginger guy... on bigby's floor..outside the office...at Lawrence's apartment building etc.

    I let grendel go, it wasn't necessary to tear his arm off.

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    Even though there is probably more than mentioned here are things I wouldn't change:

    Faith: Give her the money. And I put the bill at the bar on Crane.

    Beauty and Beast: Truth, no explanation for what she's doing.

    Toad or Lawrence: Followed Bigby's instinct, I went to Lawrence and saved him.

    Grendel: Not tear off his arm. He's an asshole and idiot, but I wasn't there to fight him but talk to Woody.

    Woody or Dee: Dee didn't have blood on him when his brother punched me and there was no blood when Bigby woke up and he knew Dee was there when he entered.

    Prime suspect: Bluebeard

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    Faith: Ended up giving her the money. Felt bad that she would get more punishment going back with nothing

    Beauty and Beast: Eventually told beauty i wouldn't get in the middle of it. I then lied to beast.

    Go to Toad or Lawrence: Went to Toad. Felt like he needed help more but when I got there, i ended up questioning him hard and slapping him around.

    Woody or Dee: Dee because I felt woody was actually telling the truth in the bar

    Prime Suspect: Bluebeard or dee

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off. I loved it?

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    Faith: Gave money to

    Beauty & Beast: Was silent to both of them

    Toad or Lawrence: Went to Lawrence first

    Woody or Dee: Went after Dee

    Prime Suspect: Don't know

    Grendle: I didn't rip his arm off, because what the hell.

  • Faith: Gave her the money, she seemed like a nice gal
    Beauty & Beast: I lied to Beast because I promised Beauty, really scared that that'll bite me back in a later episode
    Toad & Lawrence: I went to Toad first, he seemed like he needed help straight away and I was worried about his son, I regret going there first though
    Woody or Dee: Dee, I know barely anything about him, I thought he'd give more info
    Prime Suspect: Ran out of time..
    Grendel: Left him, I wanted to patch things up with Woody

  • Faith: Gave her money cause I didn't want her pimp to kill her...
    Beauty and Beast: Told Beauty I'm staying out of it, told Beast I hadn't seen her
    Toad and Lawrence: Went to Toad, but unfortunetly had to shake him up to get him to talk then taught Snow a harsh thing about our job...
    Woody or Dee: Dee. Woody seemed to have just picked up the wrong rent-girl at the wrong time. Dee, while he probably didn't kill Faith, probably knows more than Woody
    Prime Suspect: The Pimp
    Grendal: Figured ripping his arm off would just prove him right, showing a bit of mercy might help him change his ways

  • Faith: I did not give her my money. There is no way I am paying her pimp, which is where all the money would have gone anyway. Plus she needed to give up her pimp anyway, as it is illegal to have any form of prostitution.

    Beauty & Beast: I was silent with Beauty and told Beast. Beast has a right to know where his wife is and can protect her.

    Toad & Lawrence: I wasn't sure if Lawrence was in trouble, but with Toad I could tell it was urgent.

    Woody or Dee: I arrested Dee, he was there at Woody's place as well as Lawrence's. He also knocked me out with his brother. He is for sure a bad guy, while Woody, according to the mirror, was probably too drunk to ever have been a murderer.

    Prime Suspect: Her pimp, I had no idea about who Bluebeard was (in game), and the rest of the suspects didn't seem so likely.

    Grendel: I ripped his arm off. I was so mad when he attacked me. And I decided he has to pay dearly so that he will learn his lesson.

  • faith: gave her the money
    stayed silent with beauty and told beast the truth
    went to toads apartment
    ripped Grendel arms off
    chased dee
    named bluebeard as prime suspect

  • Faith: I did not give her money

    Beauty and Beast : Decided to stay out of it

    Toad and Lawrence : Went to Lawrence

    Woody or Dee : Arrested Dee

    Prime Suspect: Suspected Bluebeard

    Grendel: Walked away

  • Faith: I did not give her money

    Beauty and Beast : Decided to stay out of it

    Toad and Lawrence : Went to Lawrence

    Woody or Dee : Arrested Dee

    Prime Suspect: Suspected Bluebeard

    Grendel: Walked away

  • Faith: I did not give her money

    Beauty and Beast : Decided to stay out of it

    Toad and Lawrence : Went to Lawrence

    Woody or Dee : Arrested Dee

    Prime Suspect: Suspected Bluebeard

    Grendel: Walked away

  • Faith:Gave her the money
    Beauty and Beast:I lied to beast
    Toad and Lawrence:I went for Toad first,I like many others believed that Lawrence was already dead.
    Woody or Dee:I went after Dee I think that the woodsman never had a major part in it all at least and that Dee could have some valuable information
    Prime suspect:Dee because I don't think it was Woody and I have nothing so far on bluebeard,I don't believe he or his brother done it though,I just have no clue who it was really.
    Grendel:I spared him his arm,he may be an asshole but I am not going to go that far...at least not in this playthrough.

    On another note woth The walking dead game I didn't really feel like my choices were bad a lot of the time however with this I am really worried.

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    I did not give Faith money, it was just a matter of me not caring enough to give her any.
    I completely snitched on Beauty. Bros before.... nah, but I figured it would be something totally different from the norm.
    I watched theradbrad on Youtube only up to the decision between Toad and Lawrence. I chose Toad because he chose Lawrence.
    I chose The Woodsman because that's what I set out to do once I went to the bar. It would've been more clever logically to change but I didn't.
    I spared Gren only because Woodsman told me to. I don't believe either Dee or Woody did it, so I stayed true to taking Larry.

    Edit: Oh my gosh why do I call the Woodsman Larry? :/ That's engraved in my thoughts.

  • I made pretty much the same choices

    BriarRose posted: »

    Faith: I gave Faith the money because...well why not? She just got stiffed by Woody (no pun intended) and attacked, and I felt bad f

  • Faith- I gave her the money as I felt it was the right thing to do, and I couldn't think of a reason not to

    Beauty- I told her I wouldn't tell beast ( and regret doing it) and I didn't tell him, I have the feeling that choice could have some major consequences later on down the road but I didn't want to break my word right after telling her I wouldn't say anything

    Toad and :Lawrence- I went to Toad first because it seemed like he was in more immediate need and maybe I could stop whatever was going on, after finding out there was a way I could keep Lawrence alive I wish i had gone to Lawrence first

    Prime Suspect- I was looking through the options and trying to think and I ran out of time

    Grendel- I ripped his arm off... I mean he was trying to kill you he kinda deserved it

    Woodsmen or Dee- I arrested Dee, I don't think the woodsmen has anything to do with the murders, and I felt like Dee had more valuable info to give

  • For most of them i tried doing the opposite of what i would regularly do....it leads to some interesting decisions that i would regularly not even consider. for instance.....saying nothing usually makes u seem like a priick. I did a playthrough if anyone wants to check it out.....

  • I had almost everything exactly like you had and for the same reasons, except I didn't go to toad's first (and got to save prince lawrence).

  • Faith: Didn't want Faith to get into trouble from her Pimp, I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: told Beauty that I wouldn't lie if I didn't know the reason I wouldn't lie. Told Beast the truth, I saw Beauty

    Toad and Lawrence: went to Lawrence's apartment

    Woody or Dee: arrested Dee

    Prime Suspect: Man who cried Wolf and bluebeard

    Grendel: didn't rip off his arm off.

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    Faith: Gave her the money, obviously.

    Beauty and Beast: Lied. Had already said I wouldn't tell beast so I didn't.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad. He sounded like he needed help.

    Woody or Dee: Woody based on one thing - he said he wouldn't run, then he did. I didn't think he did it, especially not after the talk, but that indicates that he has something to hide and although I think dee may be caught up in it, I think he's at most just a henchman and probably wouldn't know anything really important. I don't think he committed the murders personally. So I went for the guy who I felt was most likely to have the most information out of the two.

    Prime Suspect: Kept quiet. I didn't think any of the options did it.

    Grendel: I don't actually remember, although I very much doubt that I would have ripped his arm off. Generally speaking when something is done, I've proven I'm not to be messed with and there's no greater good to be gained I'll leave it be. Same reason I didn't punch beast whilst he was down. I can't really blame grendal for going off on me either.

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    Faith: Felt bad for her because she looked pretty anxious of going back to her pimp empty-handed, so I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: I promised Beauty and lied to Beast.

    Toad or Lawrence: I went to Toad's first. He sounded really scared, and I was curious about the someone who was at Woody's place.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. He was an asshole and I had my suspicions, because he was in Faith's apartment.

    Prime Suspect: It wasn't obvious to me. We didn't know anything about the pimp or Bluebeard at that stage, and it wouldn't be very interesting if the Woodsman did it. I was thinking it was someone we haven't met yet.

    Grendel: Walked away. I try to keep my Bigby character friendly and not aggressive.

    So yeah, I basically chose the same decisions as you :D

  • Gave her money. Wanted to be a good guy not knowing if money really mattered.

    Lied to Beast. First come first serve and Beauty got to me first.

    Went to Lawrence. I knew Toad needed help but... I just got a feeling that something was going on with Lawrence and I ended up saving his life :D.

    Dee. Woody seemed innocent. I know Dee and Dum are definitely not guilty but since they're investigating the crime as well I thought they would give me some ideas of who it could be.

    Didn't rip off arm. Pretty brutal and I play my main play through as good guy.

  • I didn't give faith money.
    Stayed out of it.
    Went to Lawrence first.
    Arrested Dee.
    Suspected her pimp.
    Walked away.

  • Faith: I didn't give her money.... And I felt like a dick after that... Even though it hasn't affected the story.... Until now, at least.
    Beauty & Beast: I told Beauty that I did not want to get involved and avoided Beast question.
    Where to first?: I went to Lawrence's apartment first, because I wanted to see what the mirror showed me (I was really curious), and because I hate Toad.
    Prime Suspect: The pimp. I wasn't sure before but now I don't think he did it, he's the funniest character I've met in this game after Bigby.
    Grendel: Even if he is an asshole, I walked away. Ripping his arm off was a little extreme, in my opinion...
    Dee or Woody?: I went after Dee... Woody seemed sincere and nice, and Dee... Well, he and his brother knocked me out apparently for no good reason, so...

  • Faith: Didn't want her to go back empty handed - so I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: I told Beauty I was staying out of it, but in the end lied to Beast.

    Toad and Lawrence: Went to Lawrence's apartment first, felt he was more important.

    Woody or Dee: Woody seemed to be innocent, seems like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Arrested Dee.

    Prime Suspect: I honestly don't remember.

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off, just cuz

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    Faith gave money poor girl was beaten up felt so bad for her and she is so nice of course gave her money

    Beauty and Beast: I didn't want to lie to him but also didn't want to tell him the truth so I said not getting involved

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad was in danger also has kids so only one choice here for me they can't defend themselves

    Woody or Dee: Dee felt woody was a nice person and always felt he was being honest and was to obvious while with Dee knew had something to hide and never had moment where felt he was being honest

    Prime Suspect: Dee

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off having a bad day with all the murders then he refuses to move and try's to kill me afraid he was messing with wrong person at the wrong time also send out a message if try to stop my investigation or mess with me there will be consequences

  • Fath: Gave her money

    Beauty and Beast: Lied to Beast

    Toad or Lawrence: Toad

    Woody or Dee: Dee

    Prime suspect: Prince Lawrence

    Grendel: Walked away

  • I did esactly the same as yours

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    Faith: I gave her money cuz tits.

    Beauty and Beast: I promised Beauty and lied to Beast.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad's apartment because I thought that he and his son might be in danger. It seemed like Lawrence was already dead.

    Woody or Dee: I went after Dee. Because he thought that he could outsmart Bigby. Hell no bitch! >;)

    Prime Suspect: I didnt know. It seemed like they all where the wrong ones. The murderer is someone we didnt see.

    Grendel: I ripped his arm off because I clicked on that the first second I saw it. xD

  • Faith: Gave her money
    Beauty: Told Beast I'd stay out of it
    Toad/Lawrence: Went to Lawrence's first and saved him
    Woody/Dee: Dee (thought he would be more useful than Woody, especially concerning his employer)
    Prime Suspect: Pimp
    Grendel: Didn't tear off him arm - he was being a major dick but he had his reasons. Besides, after the beat-down he knows where he stands compared to Bigby

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