• Did anyone else pay Holly for the whiskey?

    I walked away from Gren and paid for the drink, it felt gooooooood. Bigby is a nice guy, after all ;)

  • Faith: Gave her the money. I'm a nice guy.

    Beauty and Beast: Said I wouldn't get involved... and then lied to Beast anyway. So much for THAT.

    Toad and Lawrence: Lawrence first, solely because that was the original plan. Half regret it given how Toad was all shook up when I finally got to him, but I made my choice.

    Prime Suspect: Let the timer ran out. I had absolutely no evidence to suggest any one of the choices offered was the killer, so I chose to pick none of them.

    Woody or Dee: Went with Woody, then changed my mind and went for Dee instead. I hadn't noticed the blood on his shirt the first time round, and with that info... yeah, I'd rather go for the guy who's NOT tired of fighting.

    Grendel: Walked away. As Woody said, he'd had enough (and when I replayed it for the Book of Fables entry, having to rip his arm off made me feel AWFUL, so quit/reloaded to leave him alone again. NOT happy at having to do that, TTG)

  • Did anyone rub the magic lamp? I never got around to it.

  • Faith: Gave her the money. I was not surprised at all to check back later and see how overwhelmingly the players chose to give her money, though it makes me wonder if the percentages would have been less lopsided if she hadn't been a smoking hot chick. A bit like the Carley and Doug thing in Walking Dead.

    Beauty and Beast: Lied for Beauty. Felt like that was the wrong decision afterwards; I wish I had chosen to tell both of them I was keeping out of it and it was none of my business, which it wasn't. I didn't want to take either of their sides over a matter I know nothing about.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad, who sounded like he was in immediate danger, as opposed to Lawrence, who to me looked like he was already dead. I just wouldn't feel right leaving Toad out to dry like that.

    Wood or Dee: Dee. I genuinely believe Woody isn't guilty, as he appears to be just too plainly set up for it, whereas Dee looks very much like he is involved in something deeper. I think Dee will provide the best link to whatever is really going on, even though I highly doubt he murdered Faith.

    Prime Suspect: I initially chose Dee and Dum, though I regretted it a bit afterwards. It's just that, of all those we had encountered, they were the only ones who seemed to have a clear connection to whatever the deeper plot is. The Pimp and Woody had clear motives for murder...but to me seemed to have no clear motive for then leaving her head on the apartment doorstep as a message to the rest of Fabletown, which is what I think that was.

    Grendel: Let him go. I'm atoning for my past, right? Ripping people's arms off is a bad way to about it, even if Grendel is a jerk. Besides, he had just taken more than enough pain to last him awhile.

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