• For me I gave Faith the money, I mean after what just happened it made sense, I did not tell Beast, I feel like I should have but it was likely for the best, I guessed it might be Dee, I went to Toads place because I thought he was in trouble, really wish I did not, I got Woody, I now wish I got Dee but oh well to late, and I did not tear off that guys arm, I mean really he got his throat cut, his eye cut, and a pool cube stabbed through his shoulder, I think that was enough.

  • These are my choices;

    Faith: I gave the matchbook and money to Faith. Maybe I was just a real sucker at that moment, but it does feel good to do good favors. When I saw her head on those steps, I was like, "GASPS Aw, damn it."

    Beauty and Beast: I lied to Beast. I felt bad about being a liar, but I promised Beauty I'd cover for her. I don't like lying, but I'm a man of my word. I just know that it's gonna come biting me in the ass for it later on.

    Toad or Lawrence: It took me five minutes to decide, but I eventually chose Toad's apartment first. I thought that Lawrence wasn't gonna go anywhere and whatever was going on at Toad's would help with the case. I also called him out on all three of his lies. Can you say pants on fire?

    Prime Suspect: I picked Dee and Dum as the suspects. I trusted my gut on that decision.

    Grendel: I didn't rip off his arm. I was tempted, but I figured it wasn't gonna look good on my image and thought that walking away from the fight was the best thing to do.

    Woody or Dee: I arrested Dee. I don't know if I should've, but I believed Woody when he started pleading the way he did. He ain't no genius and I don't think he did kill Faith. (That moment reminded me so much of the "Save Carley or Doug" moment in The Walking Dead Game.)

    I went back to do a second playthrough, and now I went to Lawrence first and kept him from dying. I also picked Bluebeard as the prime suspect. I don't if I made the right choice or not, but hopefully we'll out find in the following episodes.

  • Faith : Gave her the money , though I regretted it when I wanted to pay for the whiskey xD

    Beauty & Beast : Promised Beauty I'll help her , Said nothing to Beast (left the elevator doors close on me lol)

    Toad and Lawrence : Went to Toad first , since I thought that the guy who's assaulting Toad's place definitely knows something about the murder.

    Woody or Dee : I went after Woody , thinking that he might have more information to give (since he has contact with Faith from the very beginning). I regret it now ... Woody probably doesn't know Sheeeet.

    Prime Suspect : Doesn't matter , it's nobody from that list anyway. I chose Bluebeard , since it looks like his M.O.

    Grendel : Didn't rip his arm off ... my job as a Sheriff is to protect the fables , not mutilate them. Besides , Woody would've refused to cooperate afterwards.

  • I was such an asshole in my playthrough, except to Faith and Snow ;) I always started fights, lmao!

    Faith:Gave her money, was hoping she would swing by my apartment ;)

    Beauty and Beast:Said I would promise to not tell Beast he was there

    Toad and Lawrence: Went to Lawrence's

    Woody or Dee: Dee, went to replay to try to see if THAT ENDING would change if I picked Woody. Nope :(

    Prime Suspect: The tweedledee guy

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off, because my bigby is a such an asshole

  • It was so badass ripping off Grendels arm, I don't think he will be happy later down the road, but that is what you get when you tell the Wolf he is a lap dog.

  • Faith: Such a weird choice, I gave her money so her pimp wouldn't hurt her.

    Beauty & Beast: Kept Beauty's secret

    Toad or Lawrence: Went to lawrences first and he shot himself lolol.

    Prime Suspect: Blue beard, and snow agreed.

    Grendel: Tore his arm off for the lulz

    Woody or Dee: I wasn't going to let Dee get away again, and I don't think the woodsman did it

  • My second playthrough I ripped off the arm to see what would happen and felt bad about it because his crying was so pitiful lol

  • Faith: I gave her money

    Beauty & Beast: Promised not to tell and lied to Beast. And i think i did the wrong thing

    Toad or Lawrence: I went to Toad .I thought that he was in trouble

    Prime Suspect: ran out of time.

    Grendel: Tore his arm off . That guy was really fucking annoying thats way

    Woody or Dee: I went after Dee. Mostly because he punched me and i already got a change to talk whit Woddy

  • Faith: Gave her my money.

    Beauty and Beast: I said I wouldn't lie without knowing why, and told Beast she said not to tell him.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad.

    Woody or Dee: Dee.

    Prime Suspect: The guy that decapitated his brides.

    Grendel: Walked away.

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