• Faith:Didn't Give her the money. I Figured Bigby might need it later and ultimately I think Holly deserved it more after the brawl with Grendel.

    Beauty and Beast: I told Beast. Beauty was acting suspicious and Beast seemed worried, figured he deserved to know.

    Lawrence or Toad: Went to Lawrence first and it seems to have been the right choice.

    Woody or Dee: Arrested Dee, Woody didn't seem to know what was going on, while Dee was being very suspicious.

    Prime Suspect: The Pimp, though the murders do fit Bluebeards MO.

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off. Bigby is a fan of overkill and now Grendel will remember why Bigby is called "The Big Bad Wolf".

  • Playthrough 1:

    • Faith: Gave her the money. Felt sorry for her.

    • Beauty and Beast: Told them both that I was staying out of it. Didn't know what the heck Beauty was up to, so how could I promise to cover for her?

    • Toad and Lawrence: Went to Toad's first. Sounded like serious stuff was going on, and I was a little concerned because I knew Toad had a kid. I was worried about the little guy.

    • Woody or Dee: I went after Woody. I think it was just tenaciousness at that point. I don't necessarily think that he did it, but I was trying to play the first time doing as close to what I would really do. Woody assaulted a girl who ended up dead. He assaulted me (the sheriff), and he did threaten to kill both of us. If I were in law enforcement and someone threatened a person who ended up dead later that night, I'd arrest them.

    • Prime Suspect: Didn't say anything. I honestly had no freakin' clue. :p

    • Grendel: I didn't rip off his arm. Not in the first playthrough. I kept thinking about Colin the pig's words and advice. I didn't want to just go and be the monster that everyone already thinks Bigby is. Plus, it's still an ongoing investigation. I may need to talk to these people again later or something...

    In playthrough 2 I did everything different on purpose. Kept the money. Remained quiet with Beauty and told Beast that I saw her. Went to Lawrence, arrested Dee, ripped off Grendel's arm.

  • Faith: Didn't give the money to her. Thought Bigby might need it later. Sorry, Faith.

    Beauty and Beast: Told Beauty I'd stay out of it, but ended up lying to Beast. Sorry, Beast.

    Toad and Lawrence: Went to Toad first. Thought Lawrence was already dead, so I was more worried about Toad and the kid. Still worried about them too...

    Woody or Dee: Went for Dee. Woody's sob story about the Red Riding Hood made me realize he's just some loser who doesn't really know what he's doing. Not the kind of guy to neatly place someone's severed head on some steps. Dee, however, could have some nice info about Faith and the murder.

    Prime Suspect: Went with Bluebeard, even if I don't really think it's him. I actually suspect him to be Dee's boss.

    Grendel: Didn't tear off his arm. The poor guy was crying already.

    • Faith: Gave money to. After reading Bigby's book of fables I felt it'd help him be to clean up his image a little like it described he wanted to do in his book.
    • Beast and Beauty: When Beauty asked me to promise, I simply stayed silent. When Beast asked I told him the truth. I couldn't lie to him nor could I just blow him off.
    • Toad and Lawrence: I went for Toad I thought he was in most trouble as I didn't clearly see in the mirror that Lawrence was injured. I regret it after later finding out I wouldn't miss much by going to Toads second aside from the guy hurting is kid too. I wish I could've saved Lawrence but I'm sticking with my choices.
    • Woody or Dee: I went for Dee. I don't he's the one but definitely think he's connected. The Woodsman just didn't seem like he'd do a thing like that. I really appreciated that he didn't want to fight with me and disagreed with Gren starting a fight.
    • Prime Suspect: I said Dee because I believe he's connected somehow to it all.
    • Grendel: I walked away from him. The Woodsman was right that he had enough and if Bigby truly wants to change his image, then I don't think he'd rip his arm off.

    My choices as you see mostly go off of how I think Bigby would handle this if he is really committed to changing how people see him. To not be seen as a jerk or a monster to be feared.

  • I gave Faith the money, she'd had a pretty rough night and seemed to be suggesting turning up with no money wasn't going to be good for her, thought I was gonna be saving her from trouble to an extent, thought wrong.

    Told Beast, way I saw it, as sherrif Bigby shouldn't be lying to anyone about the whereabouts of a dudes wife to him when she's going out at night, and I kind of expected something to happen to her that could have been avoided if I hadn't lied

    Went to see Lawrence, was kind of a tough one so I just made a quick call and went for the dude I'd seen was in definite trouble and just hoped for the best with Toad. Worked out well in the end. Although I do think the game doesn't do quite so good a job of emphasising the grave situation Lawrence is in in the moment you make the decision.

    I didn't name a suspect, I didn't really have much inkling as to who it was and I didn't think the game had even introduced the killer yet so I just stayed quiet.

    Arrested Dee, him and Dum seem far too suspicious to me, they seem to have some definite involvement in some way and even the dialogue as he enters the bar is suspicious. Also the Woodsman seemed genuinely quite reflective and down in the bar, and sounded pretty truthful in protesting his innocence.

    I didn't rip off Grendel's arm. I mean, what's the point? Would have been pretty needlessly cruel when he'd been bested anyway, and was really just seemingly lashing out because of a system he didn't think cared about him (or Holly). I also didn't want to look like some brutal monster.

  • Same exact choices as the OP

  • Faith: Gave her money

    Beauty and Beast : Lied to beast

    Toad and Lawrence : Toad

    Woody or Dee : Dee

    Prime Suspect: Dum and Dee

    Grendel: Left him, although I really wanted to tear it off because that guy was a douche. Bigsby already put the hurt on him and I figured it would come back to bite me later

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