• Faith: Choose to not give her money. Faith seemed like a though girl, I thought she'll be upset, if I give her money, maybe I hurt her pride or something.
    B&B: I told Beauty I don't want to get involved, for I am a lone wolf. When Beast asked me, I told him i saw beauty. When he asked me when, I didn't respond. Just a smirk, and the close of the elevator door. That was a pretty badass moment.
    Toad or Lawrence: I rushed to Toad. Regreted that decision.
    Woody or Dee: Dee. Woody is a drunk asshole, but also an innocent asshole. Dee and his freakin' brother knocked me out. I wanted my revenge.
    Grendel: Tore his arm off. Bleed, mofo, and NEVER, I repeat: NEVER(!!!) confront with a werewolf.

  • Faith: didn't give money

    Beauty and Beast: told the truth

    Go to Toad or Lawrence: Went to Lawrence

    Woody or Dee: So wanted to get after Woody, but chose Dee

    Prime Suspect: Lawrence (It's always the husband/wife)

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off and paid for whiskey ;)

  • For me when i first started the game its was trying to be the good guy..my decisions were trying to ask questions to faith, which came to no avail since she literally blew me off and walked away but i gave her the money i had seeing it was best. Second event was which area i should go next..i decided prince Lawrence seeing so many people say it sucks, i decided to see for myself. Far from what idiots said about this area i discovered his accident and heard a clue from him when i asked him some questions..of a name i can lead on.For beauty, i knew she wouldn't betray her husband by any means so yes i lied to protect her..plus i wanted to be a dick to beast with the silence option and it was my favorite scene of the episode lol. Lastly, i chose the tweedle because he not only beat me up but he knows something, i dint pick the huntsman because i don't think he knew anything and was just scared. However, why would dee search around his apartment for something? I don't know, but one things for sure justice will come for snow white, she was my fav in the comics.

  • I gave Faith money,I accepted to lie for Beauty and I went to Mr.Toad first because I thought that Lawrence was already dead and that there wouldn't be much we could do for him.I later went after Dee because Woody seemed sincere when he said he was innocent.As for Grendel,I didn't tear off his arm because I might need everyone's support at one moment in the story and I chose not to be violent or mean during my first playthrough.Everytime I play a game that lets us make different choices,I always choose the ones that I would choose in real life.My prime suspect is Faith's pimp because I don't really suspect any one we've met in this episode so far (except the ginger guy but his involvment still has to be confirmed).I think it would be too easy to introduce the killer in the first episode.We still have many fables to meet and many clues to find before we can put the puzzle together.And I don't think there is only one person involved.

  • Haha I didnt give faith the money because I thought she'd probably be offended because she would reason she could take care of herself :D

  • I had three different save files for three different playthroughs. Normal one, nice Bigby and mean Bigby. The last two save-files don't really count because I made the choices knowing what their results would be just for maximum roleplaying effect.

    So, the choices I made the first time around and will have to stick with in the main game were:

    Faith: Gave her the money. Had no choice, this is a noir game and I just found the mysterious damsel in distress. WHAT ELSE COULD I DO?

    Beauty and the Beast: Stayed out of it, told them both as much. No idea what is going on and I don't plan on lying to anyone.

    Toad VS Prince Made the common mistake and chose Toad first, thought Lawrence was already dead while Toad had a chance of being saved.

    Prime Suspect I said Pimp, I was thinking of just staying silent because there was still a lot of information missing but as of then Pimp was my main suspect, and he still is. I doubt he's actually the killer, though.

    Grendel He's cool and has every right to be mad at the system. I spared him and hope he shows up again and we can be on friendlier term. I had a perverse joy when I played as the asshole and ripped his arm right of the socket, though.

    Woodsman VS Dee Dee, neither of them are the murderers, but I wanted to know what the brothers were looking for and what information they gathered. Plus they punched me.

  • I gave faith money, I thought it would be better if she went back with something.

    I lied to beast (I had already promised beauty) - wasn't expecting to see beast that soon, and thought "phew" when the lift doors were closing with him still outside -, until beast opened the lift door >_<

    I went to toad first, sounded like someone grabbed him or something.

    I went after Dee, I want to know why they were searching Lawrence's and the woodsman's places, and why they are interested in faith etc.

    I chose the pimp as prime suspect so far. Though I do want that ginger guy... on bigby's floor..outside the office...at Lawrence's apartment building etc.

    I let grendel go, it wasn't necessary to tear his arm off.

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