• Faith:Gave her the money
    Beauty and Beast:I lied to beast
    Toad and Lawrence:I went for Toad first,I like many others believed that Lawrence was already dead.
    Woody or Dee:I went after Dee I think that the woodsman never had a major part in it all at least and that Dee could have some valuable information
    Prime suspect:Dee because I don't think it was Woody and I have nothing so far on bluebeard,I don't believe he or his brother done it though,I just have no clue who it was really.
    Grendel:I spared him his arm,he may be an asshole but I am not going to go that far...at least not in this playthrough.

    On another note woth The walking dead game I didn't really feel like my choices were bad a lot of the time however with this I am really worried.

  • I did not give Faith money, it was just a matter of me not caring enough to give her any.
    I completely snitched on Beauty. Bros before.... nah, but I figured it would be something totally different from the norm.
    I watched theradbrad on Youtube only up to the decision between Toad and Lawrence. I chose Toad because he chose Lawrence.
    I chose The Woodsman because that's what I set out to do once I went to the bar. It would've been more clever logically to change but I didn't.
    I spared Gren only because Woodsman told me to. I don't believe either Dee or Woody did it, so I stayed true to taking Larry.

    Edit: Oh my gosh why do I call the Woodsman Larry? :/ That's engraved in my thoughts.

  • For most of them i tried doing the opposite of what i would regularly do....it leads to some interesting decisions that i would regularly not even consider. for instance.....saying nothing usually makes u seem like a priick. I did a playthrough if anyone wants to check it out.....

  • I had almost everything exactly like you had and for the same reasons, except I didn't go to toad's first (and got to save prince lawrence).

  • Faith: Didn't want Faith to get into trouble from her Pimp, I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: told Beauty that I wouldn't lie if I didn't know the reason I wouldn't lie. Told Beast the truth, I saw Beauty

    Toad and Lawrence: went to Lawrence's apartment

    Woody or Dee: arrested Dee

    Prime Suspect: Man who cried Wolf and bluebeard

    Grendel: didn't rip off his arm off.

  • Faith: Felt bad for her because she looked pretty anxious of going back to her pimp empty-handed, so I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: I promised Beauty and lied to Beast.

    Toad or Lawrence: I went to Toad's first. He sounded really scared, and I was curious about the someone who was at Woody's place.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. He was an asshole and I had my suspicions, because he was in Faith's apartment.

    Prime Suspect: It wasn't obvious to me. We didn't know anything about the pimp or Bluebeard at that stage, and it wouldn't be very interesting if the Woodsman did it. I was thinking it was someone we haven't met yet.

    Grendel: Walked away. I try to keep my Bigby character friendly and not aggressive.

    So yeah, I basically chose the same decisions as you :D

  • Gave her money. Wanted to be a good guy not knowing if money really mattered.

    Lied to Beast. First come first serve and Beauty got to me first.

    Went to Lawrence. I knew Toad needed help but... I just got a feeling that something was going on with Lawrence and I ended up saving his life :D.

    Dee. Woody seemed innocent. I know Dee and Dum are definitely not guilty but since they're investigating the crime as well I thought they would give me some ideas of who it could be.

    Didn't rip off arm. Pretty brutal and I play my main play through as good guy.

  • I didn't give faith money.
    Stayed out of it.
    Went to Lawrence first.
    Arrested Dee.
    Suspected her pimp.
    Walked away.

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