• Faith: Felt bad for her because she looked pretty anxious of going back to her pimp empty-handed, so I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: I promised Beauty and lied to Beast.

    Toad or Lawrence: I went to Toad's first. He sounded really scared, and I was curious about the someone who was at Woody's place.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. He was an asshole and I had my suspicions, because he was in Faith's apartment.

    Prime Suspect: It wasn't obvious to me. We didn't know anything about the pimp or Bluebeard at that stage, and it wouldn't be very interesting if the Woodsman did it. I was thinking it was someone we haven't met yet.

    Grendel: Walked away. I try to keep my Bigby character friendly and not aggressive.

    So yeah, I basically chose the same decisions as you :D

  • Gave her money. Wanted to be a good guy not knowing if money really mattered.

    Lied to Beast. First come first serve and Beauty got to me first.

    Went to Lawrence. I knew Toad needed help but... I just got a feeling that something was going on with Lawrence and I ended up saving his life :D.

    Dee. Woody seemed innocent. I know Dee and Dum are definitely not guilty but since they're investigating the crime as well I thought they would give me some ideas of who it could be.

    Didn't rip off arm. Pretty brutal and I play my main play through as good guy.

  • I didn't give faith money.
    Stayed out of it.
    Went to Lawrence first.
    Arrested Dee.
    Suspected her pimp.
    Walked away.

  • Faith: Didn't want her to go back empty handed - so I gave her money.

    Beauty and Beast: I told Beauty I was staying out of it, but in the end lied to Beast.

    Toad and Lawrence: Went to Lawrence's apartment first, felt he was more important.

    Woody or Dee: Woody seemed to be innocent, seems like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Arrested Dee.

    Prime Suspect: I honestly don't remember.

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off, just cuz

  • Faith gave money poor girl was beaten up felt so bad for her and she is so nice of course gave her money

    Beauty and Beast: I didn't want to lie to him but also didn't want to tell him the truth so I said not getting involved

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad was in danger also has kids so only one choice here for me they can't defend themselves

    Woody or Dee: Dee felt woody was a nice person and always felt he was being honest and was to obvious while with Dee knew had something to hide and never had moment where felt he was being honest

    Prime Suspect: Dee

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off having a bad day with all the murders then he refuses to move and try's to kill me afraid he was messing with wrong person at the wrong time also send out a message if try to stop my investigation or mess with me there will be consequences

  • I did esactly the same as yours

  • Faith: I gave her money cuz tits.

    Beauty and Beast: I promised Beauty and lied to Beast.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad's apartment because I thought that he and his son might be in danger. It seemed like Lawrence was already dead.

    Woody or Dee: I went after Dee. Because he thought that he could outsmart Bigby. Hell no bitch! >;)

    Prime Suspect: I didnt know. It seemed like they all where the wrong ones. The murderer is someone we didnt see.

    Grendel: I ripped his arm off because I clicked on that the first second I saw it. xD

  • Faith: Gave her money
    Beauty: Told Beast I'd stay out of it
    Toad/Lawrence: Went to Lawrence's first and saved him
    Woody/Dee: Dee (thought he would be more useful than Woody, especially concerning his employer)
    Prime Suspect: Pimp
    Grendel: Didn't tear off him arm - he was being a major dick but he had his reasons. Besides, after the beat-down he knows where he stands compared to Bigby

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