• Gotta question: What was BEAST doing in the whore house at the end?

  • Maybe its Jack? Or he is involved? At Faith's crime scene, you find a piece of jeans. Jack wears ripped jeans... but it could all be circumstantial evidence.

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    On more time - VIVIAN.
    Bigby ignoring this lead would really surprise me. She's a girl from Pudding and Pie, she knew Lily and Faith. She smokes. What brand? Well, there is cigarette machine in club. With Huff&Puff inside. She knows Crane. They had a meeting last night. Crane asked about wine, remember? There was bottle of wine in room 207! And Huff&Puff cigarettes! There is an achievement "Huff&Puff" in 3rd ep. Vivian knows as much as Crane, at least. With Ichabod gone, I would go and ask her.

    • What would be her motive? Not saying it is not possible, but what would the motive be?

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        Motives. There may be hundreds of them; jealous, hate, vengance, madness... Her story, knowing who she actually was, would help a lot but according to Book of Fables: "Much of Vivian's past is unknown since she prefers not to talk about her life back in the Homelands."

        Edit. "Lily. Now you will never die from indifference or lead a tedious life... Vivian." It may be something or not.

  • Im sticking to that red head. Although there are connections with Bluebeard, the Dee brothers, and that Vivian girl.

  • I think we will find out who the killer is in the final episode.

    It cant be the Crooked man because that would just be too obvious, maybe someone who is bigger than the Crooked man or maybe someone who is completely rogue.. Im Certain its not Bluebeard because he seems to be up to something else... It has to be someone from Bigby's past trying to get revenge.. someone Bigby has done damage to.. The boy who cried wolf.. Colin.. Red Riding hood, someone who has not been introduced..

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