• Im sticking to that red head. Although there are connections with Bluebeard, the Dee brothers, and that Vivian girl.

  • I think we will find out who the killer is in the final episode.

    It cant be the Crooked man because that would just be too obvious, maybe someone who is bigger than the Crooked man or maybe someone who is completely rogue.. Im Certain its not Bluebeard because he seems to be up to something else... It has to be someone from Bigby's past trying to get revenge.. someone Bigby has done damage to.. The boy who cried wolf.. Colin.. Red Riding hood, someone who has not been introduced..

  • I hope Bluebeards not in league with crooked man.

    • I very much doubt it. Granted, they're the only rich Fables but most/all of funds 'donated' to the Fabletown Government by Bluebeard has ended up in The Crooked Man's pocket. For proof, look at Crane's file in the Tweedles' office.

      If I were Bluebeard, I'd be very pissed with that. Pissed with Crane for falling into debt in the first place and pissed at Crooked Man for sinking so low as to claim it from the coffers of Fabletown.

      It wouldn't surprise me if the witches on the 13th floor are taxed heavily to help pay Crane's debt and that's why their prices keep climbing. That would mean Crane's desperation and greed are the source of the strife in Fabletown. Eliminate him and you take a good stab at relieving poverty.

  • A "good" murder mystery introduces the murderer pretty early on in the story, portraying him/her as innocent.

    If TTG have yet to introduce the actual murderer, they've done a terrible job. How is anyone supposed to solve the crime (which is a really fun part about murder mysteries) if the one who is guilty doesn't even exist yet?

    I think the murderer was introduced very early on. Like Cryer, or Vivian.

  • Snow White is the killer she comes back in episode 2 and you find out that the head belonged to lily , holys sister that went missing some time ago and all other evidences lead to snow in episode 4 and 3 and 2

  • I still think it's Vivian after episode 4. Now we found out she's part of "The Crooked Man's group" so she could just ask him to do it. Besides, she knew the victims and smokes Huff and Puff's. I hope that in the final episode she transforms into her true form (assuming she's glamoured) and we have to fight her.

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