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  • Has anyone ever watched hot fuzz.... what if the fable community/ government is the one behind all this...anyhow, i did a playthrough if anyone wants to check it out...

  • I don't think we have seen/met the killer yet, and its always possible bigby somehow turns out to be the killer

  • Of Faith, yes, but not Snow. He was in the Trip Trap bar when Snow was murdered.

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    I don't think we have seen/met the killer yet, and its always possible bigby somehow turns out to be the killer

  • Touche

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    Of Faith, yes, but not Snow. He was in the Trip Trap bar when Snow was murdered.

  • Focus on the comics. The game will reveal the comics slowly. Bigby could easily find the killer in episode 3, and an explanation would be given in episode 4, and 5 could easily be from within the comics but to the side. Remember that we are Bigby in the game.

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    I don't think we have seen/met the killer yet, and its always possible bigby somehow turns out to be the killer

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    We havent had much info of who the serial killer is because there is only one episode, but Im pretty sure its Bigbys brother or The Headless Horse man, If you read the file of Bigbys Vengeance, he wasnt the only wolf born, and we all saw the headless horseman in the book of fables.

  • If you choose to go to Lawrence's apartment instead, he will be alive (unless you hid to long when Dee enters and he will shoot himself. He is shown in the Next Time scenes), and he will mention the name "Georgie". After posting my theory of who this Georgie is, it was further revealed to me by a fellow community member that it may possible be Georgie Porgie from the nursery rhyme of the same name. For those of you who don't know, the rhyme goes like this:
    "Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie,
    kissed the girls and made them cry,
    when the boys came out to play,
    Georgie Porgie ran away"
    And in the Next Time scene, Faith's pimp has "Kiss the girls" tattooed on his chest. It doesn't make him the killer, but its a strong led.

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    Personally, I don't think we've seen the actual killer yet.

    The Woodsman doesn't seem the type, considering he, first of all, talks about how he had to build up the nerve to even attempt robbing Faith, and second of all was in the bar at, apparently, the same time as we last saw Snow alive - unless he had a very strategic trip to the toilet planned just then.

    Dee and Dum just doesn't seem the type, to be honest. Being mostly hired thugs, the method used just doesn't fit with what one would expect from thugs, regardless of whether or not it was an ordered hit, or for their own reasons. In addition to that, had they a message to send, they seem the types that would send that message directly, as opposed to threats.

    As for the Ginger, while he's present at all the "right" moments; just before entering the Woodsmans apartment and saving Faith, just before finding Faiths head, and the last time Bigby sees Snow alive, there is one thing that speaks against him being the killer.
    His trousers during Higbys first real encounter with him, just before he's shown Faiths head. They are neither the same colour as the fabric, nor are they torn or bloodied.
    While his omnipresence is suspicious, I do think he's there for other reasons.

    There is one thing I feel isn't being questioned enough, however. Both by the characters in the game, and by the player (at least in my case during my playthrough): is the killer necessarily one of them?

    First off, the phrase "My lips are sealed" is, as far as I know, derived from the Book of Revelations, that speak of a human unsealing a book with seven seals, bringing about the end of the world, in this case, the world of the Fables. In its original form, the phrase is, I believe, "My lips are sealed (with seven seals)", at least that's the equivalent in other languages. As such, the notion of ones mouth being sealed by seven seals, is an attempt to avoid a dramatically negative outcome (that is, the destruction of the world), and as such, the phrase is applied to any information that pertains to this in one way or the other. Either way, it might hint at the one behind the application of the "spell" being outside of the Fable community.
    This ties in neatly with the placement of the heads of the victims, it's sending a strong message, and it appears to be targeted. Not necessarily at Bigby, because his acquaintance with Faith was short-lived (no pun intended), but to the Fable community in general, such as one might expect from an outside party unhappy about their presence, I.e. a mundie.
    A bit far fetched, and a theory I have my own reservations about, but thought I might as well leave it up there. :)

  • You said that they said "My lips are sealed," what they really said is "These lips are sealed."

  • What if the killer was hired by someone we don't expect to be revealed in the game? Bigby says it's a message by the fact the head of Faith was placed with some care. The guy standing next to the redhead guy (not Gren) looks a bit like depictions of Peter from Peter and the Wolf. Peter and the Wolf is a Russian tale.

    SPOILER ALERT! Bigby could only meet him after one of his encounters with his father. COMIC SPOILERS Cinderella is sent to the Soviet Union several months after the games timeline. SPOILER WARNING Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz works with Russian fables and is a killer for hire. LAST SPOILER Dorothy calls herself the wicked bitch of the east.

  • I reckon the killer in the end will be revealed to be linked to Bigby's past, maybe his VERY evil father, North Wind perhaps?

  • He meant Red Riding Hood didn't make it out of the Homelands when the fables had to escape to "our world". She shows up much latter on in the comics.

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    My thoughts on the suspects:

    Tweedle Dee/Dum They seem to me to be investigating rather than be the murderers, but nothing proves hem to be innocent. But even if they did kill the girls, they seem to be hired help rather than the minds behind it so we would still have to find who's using them to kill.

    Woody Definitely not the killer in my opinion, he is violent and could potentially kill, but because he is impulsive. The killer is methodical (chopped the head, placed it to send a message, killed a second person the exact same way ; it doesn't fit Woody's profile). + Woody was at the Trip Trap when Snow was killed, though he could have gone out the back door, kill her, and come back, but it seems a bit convoluted.

    Bluebeard He did kill women but he always married them first, so this doesn't exactly fit his MO. + Why would he leave the heads at the Woodlands where he lives? He is a powerful rich influential man, why would he take the risk to attract attention to himself and put his power at risk. He doesn't seem to have any reason to do this though further information on him in the next episodes could reveal things.

    Lawrence Hum... no. He seemed to truly love Faith and if you go to Toad's place first he dies so he can't kill Snow (and I don't think the killer isn't the same depending on your actions, that would be dumb).

    Snow White I don't see any reason why she would have killed Faith, and she doesn't seem like the killer type. But some surprising twists may happen in the future.

    Ginger Dude Could be, though it would be extremely disappointing in my opinion.

    Also some people mentioned The Headless Horseman It seems a bit too obvious and the Horseman used to take heads, not leave them.

    And Red Riding Hood , though it would be a nice twist since she is still supposed to be in the Homelands, would be too much of a cliché "you ruined my life now I'm taking revenge".

    Also keep in mind that we may have two or more killers, or actually no killer at all (I personally think the dead may not be dead...)

  • Well I noticed the crook on the redheads tie making me think shepherd. Does the glamour have to look the same gender? If not I suppose he could be bo-peep. What really happened to her sheep? Was Bigby involved?

    Equally it could be some kind of plot to implicate Bluebeard for blackmail purposes after all he is one of the few Fables that made it out with his fortune and Faith did say she was not going to be doing this for long to Bigby!

  • I seriously think the killer is red riding hood, she is looking for revenge on bigby and trying to kill every woman he meets. And the ginger guy IS red riding hood in glamour lurking around and watching bigby.

    Red riding hood = Red hair ginger guy.

    Please watch THIS video,

  • I personally think the revenge plot would be kinda cliché and the ginger guy IS suspicious, but I think he's a red herring, he is there in my opinion to purposefully confuse us and send us on the wrong track.

  • Another possible person of interest to add to the suspect list could be Beauty as she very suspiciously leaves the Woodlands luxury apartments late at night without telling anyone and especially not informing her husband Beast. Also when she runs into Bigby on her way out and he questions her about where shes heading she avoiding telling him the truth and tells him not to tell Beast. The murder could be the result of her suspecting that beast was having an affair with Faith and paid her to sleep with him as he and his wife were having some complications with their marriage. Later in the episode Snow White could have discovered that she was behind the brutal murder forcing Beauty to kill her as well.

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    Double post sorry.

  • Bufkin stands out for me. Reasons:

    1. Does not know he's done it because he was totally wasted at the time,hence no motive needed..
    2. Best friends with the magic mirror, they have a buddy pact, so the mirror won't tell.
    3. Monkeys are notoriously strong with dense muscle.
    4. How cool would it be to have a monkey in denim as a killer?
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    monkeys doesnt wear blue jeans

  • I noticed that about the taxi driver as well which is why I think it was the ginger

  • If I had to take a shot in the dark now, I'd have to say it was Grendel who committed, if not both, then at least the murder of Snow. Consider his interaction with Bigby outside the mayor's office. It's pretty obvious that he's rather envious of him, and may want to supplant him. His time outside the office may have also informed him of Snow's cooperation with him. In addition, its implied that he may live in the Woodlands; he could have seen Faith get killed (or dragged to the apartment) and realized his chance to make Bigby look like a failure or 'convince' him to give up the force. We also have two potential weapons with him. First, he knew Woody, so it would have been easy to borrow (or steal) the axe in his inebriated state. In addition, the 'magic' Bigby was talking about could refer to one's own magic too; he could've simply transformed and torn her head off.

  • He was at the trip trap when she died

  • The culprit could be anyone who will be better that Red John. Even the son of Mr. Frog

  • No, sir. If you look on the clips for the next part of the game. Beauty is clearly investigating the pimp and is keeping this from beast.

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    Another possible person of interest to add to the suspect list could be Beauty as she very suspiciously leaves the Woodlands luxury

  • and faith saying "these lips are seal" is because of magic mirrors? Swan your logic = 0.

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    themoreyouknow monkeys doesnt wear blue jeans

  • Grendel sees faith be killed = Grendel is not the killer. You faulted your own logic.

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    Pointing out a guy who has been in every place does not make him a killer... till I see a clip of the red haired man (or someone else) slicing Faith's head off, the case is never closed.

  • Most suspicious person in the first episode for me was the "mirrored police" right at the end leaving the crime scene. This because he is the only one sticking out.

    1. Ginger is to obvious, could also be a reused model. He is involved in someway but most likely as a red herring.
    2. Woody clearly didn't know about Faith, he was also at the bar when Snow was killed.
    3. Dee/Dum are just the hired muscle of someone we haven't met yet.
    4. Lawrence has been knocked out for a week (or is dead in other playthroughs) .
    5. Haven't met Bluebeard yet but it seems unlikely, Crane explains why.
  • Hey I thought it might be interesting (though i didnt read everyones comments so i dont know if it was already discussed) that in the book of fables theres an entry on the Mundies that says "[...]Warding spells placed around the blocks of Fabletown and The Farm keep their minds distracted and dull within certain boundaries. However, if anything should pique the curiosity or scrutiny of a large group of mundies, these magical protection charms would overload and fail. As sheriff of Fabletown, one of Bigby's primary functions is ensuring the Fabletown community maintains a low profile." What if thats the killers goal? to expose at least the most prominent fables to the mundies. The head literally leads to the central hub in which most of the (what I am assuming) rich fables live.
    I dunno just my two cents

  • Oh that is a good one, I don't recall people talking about the entries that much. You could be on to something there!

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    Headless Horseman -Remember he known to take heads off.


    Ichabod Crane -Who is trying to frame the horseman

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    Mysterious Man (EDIT: Twiddle Dee/Dum?) If one chose to go to investigate Mr. Frog's frantic call about someone riffling through Woody's possessions, Brigby sees a silhouette of a slender male figure in a top hat roaming around in there. Much isn't revealed about this guy, but he may have a hand in the serial killer's motives.

    The 'Mysterious Man' is very obviously Dum.

  • Certainly hoping for something more decent than the Red John reveal!

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    The culprit could be anyone who will be better that Red John. Even the son of Mr. Frog

  • If the Ginger Dude is a fable, what is his backstory?

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    The Ginger Dude is my pick and makes sense, he's the last one you see with Snow and he's unassuming enough. With the fact that so ma

  • Snow is different from faith..

    But it's more personal now for bigby ...because he likes her

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    I bet it's frog he said he was tired of feeling trivial, in fact they all are. He probably didn't pull it off himself though. Could

  • At this point ...maybe they are trying to frame bigby ? ...possibly Bluebeard to get him out of the picture


    Just a thought...

    Also I think crane is also going to the pudding pie ..."massage" lol......and the wine

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    Just a thought before I start, maybe the person doing this isn't really killing these people. Maybe the person doing this is just kidnapping them and storing them in a secret location. Why someone would want to do this, I don't know. It is possible maybe he is doing it so Wolf will keep searching for clues until this secret person has him right where that person wants him and then attacks him or frames him for the murders maybe. It could just be someone who wants to see him down, someone who doesn't think Wolf deserves to be in such a high rank after what he has done. Everybody does hate Wolf according to the pig, Colin.

    My suspicions (in random order) would be

    1. Faith - Is she really dead? or did she just put a fake head of herself there to shove off all suspicion?
    2. Dee/Dum - One of them was up in that apartment that Woody was beating up Faith in. Also, when Dee went into the bar he was about to ask about a girl and was about to say her name until he saw Wolf. I wonder who he was asking about. If he was asking about Faith or Snow White, well maybe he didn't do it then.
    3. Woody (although he is not one of my top suspects, but why did he run when I went after Twiddle Dee? hmmm...)
    4. Bluebeard - I haven't seen him in episode 1 I don't think, but the original poster has a good point. If this guy did this kind of stuff before, maybe he just never stopped doing it.
    5. Ginger Guy - He is my main suspect. He just randomly shows up at times and he isn't really a "suspect" to Bigby and his appearances are quick and hidden by Telltale. Also, he was in the cab the last time we see Snow White. Hmm... just a random thought maybe redhead and snow white are in it together. I don't know, just a thought. But Telltale just having them there by coincidence?


    Everyone feel free to reply and tell me what you think. There are a lot of possibilities and I am really curious on what other people think.

  • Anyone thought of The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland as a suspect. She does say OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!! and both victims were women.

    I think it's either her or The Headless Horseman which would make sense with Ichabod Crane being present in Episode One.

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